Defend Racial Profiling by Police, or Assert the Right of Innocence Until Proven Guilty?

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Police victim, DeShawn Currie

Police victim, DeShawn Currie

Rayn: Black Teen With White Parents Mistaken For Burglar, Assaulted By Cops In His Own Home:

Stacie G.I’m not worried about criminals. I lock my door behind me to keep the police out.

Aspie Portugalwait? they are right…it’s not common 2 white people with black sons…they could not let the house be robbed just with fear of seeming racist. The thing was solved, he was not accused of anything so what is the problem?

Rayn: Aspie Portugal, the cops are wrong. They falsely accused this youth of burglarizing his own house simply because he returned from school, and walked through his unlocked front door. Then, even after the young man explained that the home was, in fact, his residence, the cops just dismissed him as a liar, noting that his brown skin did not match the pale-skinned pictures on the wall. Police then PEPPER-SPRAYED THE YOUNG MAN IN THE FACE – all for the non-crime of entering his home! As the story reveals, the youth was not even close to afforded the right of innocence until proven guilty, and no legitimate investigation was taken on by police before they eagerly deployed tax-funded State violence as the solution to this non-situation.

Basically, this young man was racially profiled by neighbors, then by the police, all while falsely accused of criminal activity, only to be assaulted by State agents with chemical weaponry… AND, HE WAS COMPLETELY INNOCENT!

You call that “solved”? And, you claim that the youth was “not accused of anything”? These statements are completely inaccurate. Please re-read the story above more carefully if you want to understand, “what is the problem?”

Aspie Portugal: You have to obey the police…if they tell you to put your hands on the door you put it…..if you disobey the police you have to be imobilized…with gas or other way……..innocent until proven guilty? he didn’t even go to trial…..he got 2 or 3 minutes of disconfort in his life SO WHAT? And that because probably he decided to start talking with a bad tone to the police instead of calmly try to clarify this things.

Rayn: The only thing innocent Individuals “have to obey,” Aspie Portugal, is their CONSCIENCE! Police are not infallible, and they are not gods, as you imply! Many of them are actually criminals, themselves – molesting children, beating their wives at for times the rate of the public, raping women (even while on duty), illegally ordering witnesses not to film, illegally searching property, using excessive force and so on… 

And, police absolutely did not have to escalate this situation to violence, nor to “immobile” this young man, as he was not in any way combative, nor was he even threatening to be! It is the job of police to KEEP THE PEACE, not to BREACH IT!!!

And, yes, I said “innocent until proven guilty.” In America, our legal system acknowledges all Individuals to have this right, legally, UNTIL a verdict is reached in trial. That is why police publicly regard all those arrested as “SUSPECTS,” in the first place!

As for your claim of “so what?” to the “2 or 3 minutes of discomfort” this young man received when he was assaulted with a chemical weapon, I’m certain you wouldn’t feel so forgiving if this youth had accused you of burglarizing your own home, then pepper-sprayed you in the face while you were attempting to explain your innocence, because he was intent on kidnapping you in the name of “justice.” Yet, through the magic of a fancy costume and a badge, it’s okay for police to do it? That’s just doublethink!

Police take their orders on behalf of the innocent peaceful citizens who pay their salaries. The young man in this story was innocent of any wrongdoing, leaving police duty-bound to protect his rights. Yet, it was the very POLICE who should have protected this youth, who engaged in crimes against him, instead, turning him into a victim.

In criminal law, the Blackstone Ratio is the principle that “it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” This is closely tied to the “presumption of innocence” inherent to all free and peaceful societies. Anything less than this standard qualifies as oppression and the initiation of aggression against the peaceful. It’s not complicated, nor is it difficult to understand. Those who side with the Accuser against the innocent are the true guilty parties in ALL cases!

As for your claim, “probably he decided to start talking with a bad tone to the police instead of calmly try to clarify this things,” don’t you find it interesting that you’re willing to accuse an innocent and peaceful young man of imagined guilt without any real evidence, even as the evidence of police guilt stares you in the face, yet leaves you saying “so what?”

Well, guess what? Even if this youth did “talk in a bad tone” (which remains to be seen), that is not an actual crime in this country (yet)! Besides, it is not the job of police to punish suspects! That is for the courts to decide!

Aspie Portugal: +some policemen are shit …..however, innocent or not, you have to obey when they tell you to stop or to put your hands down or whatever….if not they have to use force…..he was not accused of anything…………a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig percentage of house robbers are black(blame the genetics, the education, whatever) an….if you see a black person you never saw entering alone in the house of white people you saw all your life it’s normal to assume something strange is happening…….and if police is called telling there is a robber it’s normal to investigate……and innocent or not you have to obey to the authorities….if you don’t you have to be imobilized…period…..and not…it would not be a big problem for me if police would think I was a robber…I would cooperate with them and help at the end everything would be cleared…without drama…police did what they had to do in this case…..and i am not really concerned with black people because for each non-sense and meaningless situation they make a big scandal….and a big noise…and have all king of people getting pregnant through the ears and making a big noise….I am worried about those who have no voice….I am concerned THIS POLICEMAN IN THIS CASE to have to suffer all kinds of moral abuse due to DOING HIS JOB and not with the other animal that is using this to promote himself and be famous….This animal disobeyed authority….they tell him to put the hands on the door….not even his hands up because is a less confortable situation…..FIRST HE OBEYS AUTHORITY, THEN HE ASKS WHY…INNOCENT OR NOT

Rayn: Let me ask you a question: Have you ever been falsely accused of burglary by police, before? Well, I have. And, I can tell you, first-hand, that it is THEM who talk in a bad tone to YOU during that time! So, according to your understanding of events, would it be okay for me to pepper-spray the pigs in the face, like you said police can do to the young man for the same “crime”?

In America, citizens don’t actually have to obey ANY illegal orders – EVEN WHEN SUCH ORDERS ARE GIVEN BY POLICE!! As a matter of fact, Americans can even shoot police when they behave unlawfully:

Jackson Plummer v. State of Indiana (1893):
(right of innocent citizens to resist with deadly force the unlawful use of force by police)

Bad Elk v. US (1900):
(right of innocent citizens to resist with deadly force unlawful arrest by police)

Since you admit to the existence of “shitty” police, why doublethink by simultaneously demanding blind conformity to police orders, whether illegal or otherwise? Sends contradictory to me!

As for your allegation that brown-skinned individuals “make up a big percentage of house robbers,” it begs the question: How many of your brown-skinned friends, relatives, school-mates and co-workers are house burglars? I can say for certain that none of mine are!!! As a matter of fact, the only time my house was ever burglarized, the culprit turned out to be a pale-face!

We already know that minorities are disproportionately targeted and charged and jailed in the “War on Drugs.”

NAACP Criminal Justice Fact Sheet:

So,I suggest that you put aside easily-skewed, racially-motivated statistics, and acknowledge the truth…

What Would You Do? Bike Theft Experiment Exposes Racist Americans:

Car “Theft” Experiment Exposes Racist Americans:

The racism that keeps police targeting members of the community based on their skin-tone, is not theirs, alone. Just as the video above illustrates, and the neighbors who called the police on the youth in the story I originally shared illustrate, racism is also fueled by societal confirmation bias, as well!!!

Genaire: Hello, Aspie Portugal. My name is Genaire Kleipe-Green: Rayn’s husband. I personally haven’t stolen a thing before in my entire life, and well, gosh, I’m black. I’m not sure if you know it, or not, but land of the free does not stop just because a police office gives an order. The person in question committed no crime, and therefore, should not have been treated like a criminal. You, sir, are the reason the hate continues, and it saddens me.

Jessi C.I read the whole article and concluded that the police were absolutely wrong in this matter. This was in fact very racist…he told the police it was his house, he walked through the front door of his home. The police had no right to bully him.

Rayn: I see that you amended your original post to include a host of meritless and racist claims, Aspie Portugal…

To begin, it’s not “normal” to witness a brown-skinned individual entering a pale-skinned residence and “assume something strange is happening.” It’s maladaptive, antisocial and racist to think on such terms, especially when “strange” is taken to mean “house burglary.” And, it’s pure HARASSMENT and intimidation to confront and accuse such a person on that cause, alone. Doing so really just promotes racial segregationism.

And, my entire point, earlier, was that police didn’t engage in a proper investigation in this case, and instead, decided to escalate a peaceful situation into one of physicality and violence!

As I explained before, innocent citizens of America are not legally required to obey illegal orders by police. The fact is, this young man peacefully explained himself as the resident of the home, but INSTEAD OF POLICE INVESTIGATING HIS CLAIM, which was an EASILY VERIFIABLE matter, they chose to act as though they had probable cause to arrest him, which they did not legitimately have – only their illegal racial profiling tactic. They did not allot the youth the proper right to prove his identity without demanding to abduct him from his home to do so.

Your continued claims about police having to “immobilize” citizens not complying with orders is completely without merit, and a total breach of the peace.

The reason you’re “not concerned with black people” is because you’re apparently in league with the Accuser/Slanderer against the peaceful and the innocent. But, you can rest assured that you speak only for the Father of Lies when you promote police harassment and violence against those at peace in the name of “justice,” as you do on my wall! You see, the police here are fund a nationwide propaganda machine operating to the tune of tens of millions of American tax dollars a year! They NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL BE “the voiceless” you claim them to be, (unlike the “black people” you’re “not concerned about,” who have systematically and disproportionately been on the receiving end of American law enforcement cuffs, batons and bullets for centuries in this country, since before the days of KKK cops, and to the “fugitive slave” era)!

To call this innocent young man an “animal” is malicious and cowardly on your part, especially since you do it while simultaneously claiming that the pig who assaulted him is suffering “moral abuse” for his crime against the innocent. The youth did nothing wrong, and didn’t deserve to be harassed, assaulted, abducted and imprisoned by the costumed clown with a gun, based on his meritless “suspicion”!

Funny that you’re claiming this young man is “using this to promote himself and get famous.” From my reading, the youth’s parents were the ones who were upset, filed a complaint, and went to the media… More accusations and victim-blaming from you. Go figure! Please, show me one American who ever got famous for being racially profiled by police, falsely accused, then pepper-sprayed! I’ll wait. In the meantime, I’ll note that if those were the only requirements needed to be famous in this country, THERE’D BE A WHOLE LOT MORE FAMOUS AMERICANS OUT THERE!!! That’s for sure!

In conclusion, your claim that human beings should “obey authority, then ask why” is a slave’s answer! Police only have jurisdiction over criminals, and the innocent have a right to their peaceful freedom! It’s that simple!

Time to wake up from your slumber of compliance, and start exercising the free will of critical thinking you were born with!


“Innocent or not,” police must be obeyed, you say? The “authority” of police will only be respected so long as it protects the innocent by apprehending criminals. When police apprehend the innocent as though criminals in their efforts to apprehend criminals, they no longer protect the innocent, hence nullifying their authority to apprehend.

Aspie PortugalIt’s not an illlegal order……they told him to put the hands on the door….you put and then you clear the things….ilegal order is if they force you to have your house searched without a paper from a judge…or if they ask you to kill someone…..or to not use your legal rights……there is shitty police….there is a much higher prevalence of all types of violent and non-white-colar crime in black population than in caucasian population and that is undeniable……of course there is a lower percentage of black population than caucasian in US…..those links are biased, that is crap …you cannot know for sure what your friends do because people who have those activities hide it

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