Israel Cuts Off Water Supply to Gaza Strip, Yet Again…

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a photo being shared by the page, “Freedom Is A State Of Mind ”…


"Today is the fifth day Israel has cut off water to the Gaza Strip"

“Today is the fifth day Israel has cut off water to the Gaza Strip”

Genaire: Check it out, Ron.

Ron K.: I heard about that..smh. On top of that tha military riding threw Gaza teasing civilians w/ water..smh

Diana B.: BULLSHIT!!!!! These hamASSHOLES spend money on rockets, but don’t spend money on fuel to run the sewage treatment centers. they are polluting their own water supplies….yet the leadership are all millionaires!!!! fuck these demons!!!

Genaire: We’ve had this discussion already. When your country is considered the occupying force I find it hard to look at these people as “demons”. They have no standing army, they have no air force, no missile defense. You have nukes, f16 fighters, tanks, spending millions on P.R. in America, one of the most powerful lobbying groups I’m Washington, still Israel’s actions aren’t allowing them to look like the victims in this conflict (who would have thought). Yes Hamas may have fired rockets into Israel (killing absolutely no one) while Israel’s death toll of non combatants is in the hundreds.

Diana B.: no army? are you fucking kidding me??? the americans are training the palestinian security forces in the west bank. and hamas (armed to the teeth) has taken over gaza. no missile defense? maybe they should buy one instead of buying more rockets to send to us. they *may* have fired rockets into israel??? what world do you live in? they have been firing for 9 years, tens of thousands of them. in 7 days, more than 1000 rockets been fired.their aim is more shahids (martyrs). we work hard to protect our citizens and protect life. thats no ones fault but their own…..

Diana B.: and lookie here. this article was from before the war started. they haven’t been spending their money on their own water systems at all….they spend their money on themselves. and waging war on us. demons. the whole lot of them. they should be tried and hung for war crimes….

Genaire: Didn’t say they don’t have people capable of firing a weapon. Didn’t say they don’t have people that have some training in firing a weapon. To compare what they have to a standing army is delusional at best. We all know nothing gets in or out of Gaza without being thoroughly check by Israel. So no they won’t ever have a missile defense lol. Spending money on themselves that’s also a good one when you live in abject poverty you generally tend to spend money on things that make you feel better about your situation as opposed to buying things you need.
Again when you consider nothing gets our out without Israeli approval makes creation next impossible. At last I check the unemployment was 62 percent (not unheard of when have very minimal imports)

Here’s a excerp from a wiki article:
“Water supply and sanitation in the Palestinian territories are characterized by severe water shortage and are highly influenced by the Israeli occupation”. “The water resources of Palestine are fully controlled by Israel and the division of groundwater is subject to provisions in the Oslo II Accord.”

In this article it goes to state the Israel is breaking the Oslo in practices regarding the water.


What is Israel Supposed to Do?

Diana B.: no, you are mistaken. things do get in and out of gaza. through thousands of tunnels to sinai (also a terrorist cesspool these days). how do u think these rockets get to sinai? the FAJR5, from iran, didn’t just get there on a flying carpet. and this moron, sorry to say, is simple minded to say the least…stop the occupation??? well, thats what israel was trying to do, working in the path of the “roadmap to peace” made by the 4 quartet nations to end the occupation. they started with Gaza, and IMMEDIATELY they started shooting rockets at israel. and its been 9 years of rockets, something like 30,000 of them shot at us. U wonder why borders are tight? lol! so instead of oversimplifying this conflict, look at history before u judge….

Genaire: Shit being smuggled in is totally different then a free country conducting trade with other nations.

40+ years of occupation and you expect them not to rocket? It’s not like the illegal settlements are being dismantled.

The Palestinians Arabs have been in the region every bit as long as the Israelites. They actually had been the predominate race/ethnic group in the region before Britain allowed the Mass immigration of Jews fleeing the Nazi death camps.

Israel has a population of just over 7.9 million people. 20 percent of Israel’s population is Arabs, which comes out to roughly 1.6 million people. This leaves a total Jewish population of 6.3 million Jews. 2.8 million Ashekenazi Jews live in Israel. Ashekenazi roughly translated means the Jews of GERMANY or EUROPEAN Jews. Leaving 3.5 million Jews that are relatively native to the region. 4.5 million Palestinians live in both the West Bank and Gaza. Outnumbering the present true Jewish population by close to 1 million people.

Side note:
Keep in mind Judaism is not a ethnicity or a nationality it is a religion so Jews that trace their ancestry to Europe are in no way native to the region.

Diana B.: the settlements in gaza actually *were* dismantled. and look at the thanks we get 🙂 HIGH FIVE!

Diana B.: and you’re so wise. humans can not migrate from the middle east to europe. they cant possibly walk that far. they can only walk (or ride horses) as far as the middle east and north africa. genius.


The migration happened as a direct result of the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. When you for example look in the mirror do you honestly consider yourself looking like people native to the surrounding countries or do you look like a typical European? Let me answer that for you. You look like a typical European.

As far as the settlements go. The west bank is still filled with Israeli land grab settlements.

Here’s another wiki article on the subject:
In July 2012, according to the Israeli interior ministry, 350,150 Jewish settlers lived in the 121 officially recognised settlements in the West Bank, 300,000 Israelis lived in settlements in East Jerusalem and over 20,000 lived in settlements in the Golan Heights.[27][28] Settlements range in character from farming communities and frontier villages to urban suburbs and neighborhoods. The four largest settlements, Modi’in Illit, Ma’ale Adumim, Beitar Illit and Ariel, have achieved city status. Ariel has 18,000 residents while the rest have around 37,000 to 55,500 each.

I find it interesting that some of these settlements have achieved full illegal city status. Lol

Genaire: And they plan to build more. What a surprise.

Genaire: Here’s an oldie but goodie.Israel rams relief boat in international waters while a United States congressman was onboard:

Cynthia McKinney on Israeli Military Ramming Humanitarian Aid Ship, “Dignity”:

Diana B.: right, when u live in a place for 1,000+ years – u start to look like the inhabitants. but my hair is dark, curly and nappy. definitely not blonde and straight like the ppl in soviet union where i was born. but thanks for your assessment of where u think my roots are! 🙂  remember the roman exile was 2000 years ago, a lot happened in between that time…

Diana B.: and if u think settlements are the roadblock to peace, please look at all the muslims hacking each other to death all around us in these tribal wars. are there settlements there too????

Diana B.: no. this is about islamo-fascists VS. the modern world. get hip to the script.

Genaire: That sounds no different then what occurs in the projects in any major city. You treat people like second class citizens long enough they will act like it.

Genaire: I’m not referring to ancient history but even in ancient history Jewish people only held a majority in the region for a very short time.:

I’m referring to modern day history. The Palestinian Arabs were the predominate people of the region before the migration of Jews fleeing the holocaust. But we both know the history of it so I really don’t even understand why we are having this discussion. I recognize Israel’s right to exist (the land was given to you by the British) I do not recognise the apartheid system that is presently going on nor do I recognise the illegal settlements.

Diana B.: what does second class citizens have to do with holy war/jihad??? they don’t want our western life, music, movies, porn, drugs, etc., polluting young muslim minds. and i don’t blame i don’t get your point here. and israel ruled this land for 1000 years. thats not too long??? pl,ease tell me WHAT YEARS was there a sovereign nation called ‘palestine’ made up of palestinian arabs??

Genaire: Jews only held the majority in the first half of the first century. In the firth century they became a minority.

Yes second class citizen in an apartheid state. But I guess I’m the case of Israel you don’t become a second class citizen by being of different race only different religion.


Jimmy Carter: Israel’s Apartheid:

Diana B.: there were many tribes that lived here the point is there was jewish sovereignty over this land for at least 1000 years with kings, queens, etc. and what about arabs today that are a minority, does that make them less relevant? and again – can you tell me what years there was a sovereign ‘palestine’ made up of palestinian arabs ??? gotta go to work! peace!

Genaire: Just because the people living in Palestine didn’t seek statehood doesn’t make them any less indigenous to the land. The naive Americans for example were not considered a state by western standards but that didn’t make them any less owners of the land I currently reside. “Jihad” correct me if I’m wrong but all Arab states bust respond if one calls for a “Jihad”

Genaire: The Canaanite people occupied the land before the Jewish invasion and subsequent genocide.:

But my above posted article clearly shows the time in history that the Jewish petite held a majority. I will post it again for reference:

Diana B.: its not about states. its about sovereignty. no one can argue that about native americans, they RULED the land. now the palestinians never RULED this land. they were under various occupying forces. and so because there never was palestinian sovereignty, today they have their chance. and what do they do when they get a chance??? they ruin it, by waging war on their neighbors

Diana B.: but the canaanites are long gone. we are still here and been stateless until 1948. we aint going away, obviously.

Genaire: They ruin it by having Israel erect illegal settlements making life unlivable for them on their own land. All this talk of sovereignty is western speak, the same logic used to justify the massacre of the native Americans.

Diana B.: western speak> yes i am from the west. sue me. there were wars and killing of jews before israel, before settlements. explain that one.

Genaire: That’s my point stateless until the British government gave you the ability to have a state. At the expense of the people who currently inhabited the land.

Diana B.: but they didn’t have a state either. we both were granted a state on the same day! they didn’t accept, we did. whose fault????

Diana B.: and it was voted by the whole world in the UN

Diana B.: so blame the world, blame the UN. don’t blame us. gotta go work! peace

GenaireI don’t understand why your people have gotten such a raw deal. I being part Native American and African American can tell you you aren’t alone in the raw deal category. Since you have gotten a raw deal and are currently in a position of strength you all should all know better. From all I’ve read the Palestinian people didn’t take real issue to the Jewish people moving to Palestine the issue came when you decided to take over.

Genaire: You can’t continue down the road you are going. You are already losing all types of support from the international community for the treatment of these people.

Diana B.: the issue was there from the JUMP. even before the jump. they were kiling us from day 1. we have every right to this land as them. don’t want to share??? GTFO.

Diana B.: oh please even lefty commie obama supports us. and even if he didn’t i wouldn’t give a fuck what sheeple think.

Genaire: The government is not the people. How long can a world justify a single countries war crimes.

Genaire: You receive billions of dollars in aide from a government who’s people are slowly moving against giving that support.

Genaire: They are already protesting support for Israel in the streets. A countries politicians can only act against the will of the people for so long before they find themselves jobless. The Israeli lobby isn’t as powerful as the people electing these shills.


2014-07-27 - Israel Cuts of Water to Gaza Strip, Again (2)

 Genaire: Picture taken at a protest in New York over the weekend.

Diana B.a bunch of violent wackjobs are protesting. they are attacking jews (not israelis) and pro-israel protestors. why would they attack all jews???? hmmmmmmmmmm

Diana B.: this is your logic right here >

2014-07-27 - Israel Cuts of Water to Gaza Strip, Again (3)

Diana B.: these people were in synagogue minding their own damn business. france is far from israel, no?????

French Muslims Attack Jewish Synogagues in Paris, France:

Diana B.: Some insight from Dumisani Washington:

When I highlight the fact that Black Jews are in Israeli bomb shelters fleeing Hamas’ missiles, I am not being divisive or suggesting in any way that they are more important than their non-Black countrymen. I am telling people who’ve been duped by the lie that the fight for Israel is White/European “fake” Jews against the indigenous Arabs (people of color). Antisemites/anti-Zionists hate all Jews – Black, White or Brown. Black-Arab solidarity against Israel is a myth; a perversion of reality that is rampant, especially on our college campuses.
Look at these pictures and understand. Hamas, Fatah, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad…they hate Black Africans as much as Jews, and will annihilate all of them/us if given the chance. I refuse to give them that chance. And the best hope for freedom in the Middle East is the only free nation in the Middle East – Israel. #ZionStandUp

Genaire: Yes they are wrong to call out the Jewish people directly. However when you look left, look right and see the majority of the Jewish population supporting the murder of innocents you start to question the mentality of the Jewish mindset. I’m completely disgusted by my government and it’s actions. I’m really not certain why you’re not disgusted by yours. Ok Hamas fired a few rockets not a single Israeli has been killed in attacks. You bomb them with precision guided missiles killing hundreds of women, children, sick and the elderly. Why? To maintain land that by international law you have right to.

Your video could be in direct response to this video:

Racist Raids: Anti-Arab Violence by Jewish Youth on Rise in Israel:

And no I think Zionist come in all colors blacks are not excluded.

Diana B.: are u kidding me>? jewish people support the murder of innocents>? I’m curious to your sources. please do share.

Genaire: Have innocents been murdered in this conflict Diana? Are you supporting the missile strikes that have killed these innocents? The answer to both those questions are yes, by the fact that we are sitting here having this debate in the first place. So you want to know my sources, you are my source.

Genaire: Ask me if I support my governments drone campaign in Pakistan and Afghanistan. My answer will be no because I don’t think a missile can be so precision guided as to not inadvertently kill innocents.

Genaire: When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Diana B.: of course innocents get killed. murder is premeditated, “killed” is what happens to civilians during a war. it is a war, did u not realize that??? innocent people die during war. its a fact of life, unfortunately….

Genaire: I’m disturbed (by my postings) by my countries bullying of undeveloped nations. Why in hell wouldn’t I be even more so about your countries bullying? One my tax dollars is funding this madness. Two these people don’t have a standing army, navy, air force. Three these people once occupied the land you’re now claiming as your own and so on and so on.

Diana B.: look- you know what happens when you wage wars against someone? and then you loose those wars? you suffer losses. this is the result, its like a domino effect, of the evil that you did. now the arabs have a choice. lay down your arms, sit at the table, draft a peace plan. or, keep shooting rockets, keep dying, keep suffering. thats the result of war. the choice is really theirs…..

Rayn: Statists (much like the terrorists they spawn, fund, then war with) love collectivism, man-made borders, violence and the institutionalization of ritualistic human sacrifice. As you can read for yourself, they have no problem proudly declaring to the world that these things, alone, are legitimate enough causes for them to commit mass murder against innocent civilians they’ve never even met, for decades at a time! Statism does not concern itself with justice and morality, because these things would only hinder the control and power over human beings it is really after. And, at the same time, the State refuses to fully acknowledge Individuality because it simply isn’t convenient to its rapidly-expanding meat-grinder control-grid. Individuality only serves as evidence that it is illegitimate for the State to invoke such final, death-penalty punishments against groups of humans without even providing any direct evidence of the alleged crimes being committed by each member! Statism is just another tool of oppression, in the arsenal of the Accuser!

Statism is responsible for more slaughters in this last century than all private citizens, combined! The Monopoly On Force that the State holds is its true source of strength, and also, it’s corruption and downfall. As a general rule of thumb, the more a Statist eagerly insists that he and his legions of armed thugs have the right to murder innocents, the more illegitimate and immoral he is proving himself and his system to be! Statism is a diseased ideology that is SO FLAWED, it cannot even stand the “competition” of humanity’s ancient stateless societies co-existing nearby it, since they serve as a harsh reminder of humanity’s organic, free-spirited, Individualistic, tribal, natural roots. That is why the agenda for the State to demonize such free-range human beings always continues on, no matter the era, nor setting!

For past examples, look no further than Britain, the US and Canada. Then, remember that today’s brand-new, 1948-established Israel, much like her older sister nations, the US and Canada, is a made-in-England production! 😉 And, the English crown has a well-documented formula for foreign-continental acquisition and take-over: (1) settler emmigration to new foreign land, (2) subsequent State-formation, followed by (3) imperialization, and (4) occupation, while (5) making racist references to indigenous human beings as “savages/demons/evil/backwards/relics,” so that they are (6) slaughtered by the newly-minted State army, then (7) forced into concentration camps upon surviving, only to then be (8) targeted for use of biological, chemical and/or physical warfare as a means of concentration camp population control and/or a complete genocide.

Diana B.: i agree with a lot that you’ve said here. but do you not see that the once common tribal way of life has morphed into statism? its a natural product of expansionism, population growth, etc. and we always lives in tribes, clans that warred with one another, just now things are on an epic scale of proportions due to our numbers, and the weapons we’ve amassed. its the same ole story, just on a larger scale. and israel is much older than 1948. not even in terms of statehood (there is plenty of historical and archeological evidence that documents this) – but in terms of ‘nationhood’ which goes wayyy further back in time. and that cant be erased. its engrained in our dna. its part of our daily ritualistic lives. from the moment i wake up, i say prayers that my forefather eched on animal hides thousands of years ago – word for word -the same as i recite today. that cant be forgotten. no matter how many rockets rain down on us…..

Rayn: Thanks for reading. I should point out, however, that society and government are not at all the same, and their differences are distinct and clear. As “Common Sense” author, Thomas Paine, famously wrote, “some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.

Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one…”

So, yes, some tribal societies do morph into Statism (although so many more are destroyed by encroaching Statist neighbors, instead), and they certainly are bigger in size on average, but that doesn’t make it into some sort of natural progression… nor “progress,” for that matter. Never forget: what sets the State apart from the Individual and the Tribe is that it, alone, claims to hold a “legal” monopoly on justice, as well as the use of force upon its “subjects,” abusing these lofty “privileges” to engage in coercion, violence and threats of disenfranchisement and imprisonment as matter of policy. The State is an unnecessary parasite, which does not respect the Individual, nor even the most BASIC and RUDIMENTARY concept of CONSENT, even though these very things that originally brought it to life!

Genaire: I will respond simply with two videos:

Dr Norman Finkelstein at the University of Waterloo:

Finkelstein Dismantles the Logic of Zionism:

Diana B.: I’ll definitely check the video when i have a free moment! life is hectic these days! this has turned into an interesting conversation to say the least. i do believe paine is right in all respects, and mostly, that this is a necessary evil. i have seen societies live in a stateless form. at festivals in europe, during my travels there, and saw these ‘temporary autonomous zones (TAZ – hakim bey) that really worked! but there were always some assholes there that fucked shyt up for everyone else. the people had to form their own police/type task forces to weed out bad elements. even the largest festival (40,000 people) went on pretty smooth considering it was pure anarchy. but I’ve only seen these things work on small scales. but the larger the populace, the more chances for evil-doers that need to be put in check…

Genaire: I have a premise, a few definitions and several questions I would love for you answer. Some questions have already been answered by international law (which I will also post), but I would really love to hear your take on each.

In criminal law, Blackstone’s formulation (also known as Blackstone’s ratio or the Blackstone ratio) is the principle that:
“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”,

…as expressed by the English jurist William Blackstone in his seminal work, Commentaries on the Laws of England, published in the 1760s.

1. How does one justify the genocidal murder of a people that honestly poses no threat to you?

2. How does one justify the
murder of innocent women and children, children?

3. How does one justify the subjugation of an entire groups of people due to differing religious ideology?

The act, fact, or process of subjugating, or bringing under control; enslavement: The subjugation of the American Indians happened across the country.

4. How does one justify the creation of a state based off ones religious ideology at the exclusion of all others and not call it segregation?

the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment.
“an official policy of racial segregation”

5. What happens when ones government is corrupt and is the one doing fucked up shit?

6. What happens when a people with a known persecution complex are given their own state?

Persecution Complex:
An irrational and obsessive feeling or fear that one is the object of collective hostility or ill-treatment on the part of others.

1. The killing of civilians during war time is strictly prohibited by
Protocol I of the Geneva conventions.

2. Protocol I expressly prohibited the killing of non-combatants during time of war.

3. A very similar system was adopted in South Africa. The system of Apartheid was a
system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation by the National Party (NP) governments, the ruling party from 1948 to 1994, under which the rights, associations and movements of the majority black inhabitants were curtailed and Afrikaner minority rule was maintained. Apartheid was developed after World War II by the Afrikaner-dominated National Party and Broederbond organisations and was practiced also in South West Africa, which was administered by South Africa
under a League of Nations mandate (revoked in 1966 via United Nations Resolution 2145),[4] until it gained independence as Namibia in 1990.[5] By extension, the term is nowadays currently used for every kind of segregation, established by the state authority in a country, against the social and civil rights of a minority of citizens, due to ethnic prejudices.

4. Racial segregation in the United States, as a general term, included the segregation or “hypersegregation” of facilities, services, and opportunities such as housing, medical care, education, employment, and transportation along racial lines. The expression most often refers to the legally or socially enforced separation of African Americans from other races, but also applies to the separation of other minorities from the majority mainstream communities.

5. Many cases of Government corruption can be highlighted but I will choose a government that you can relate to for this example.


Diana B.: wow this is a long one! and i don’t have time to go too deep, but these questions u ask me are fucking insane!! lets start with one. wtf is that>? no threat? 25,000 rockets is no threat>? how can u even ask that with a straight face? answer that first and then ill proceed!

Genaire: With zero Israeli casualties it can’t justify the slaughter of innocent women and children. A great analogy would be if someone threw 20 punches at my head yet hit me zero times I couldn’t justify the murder of him and his family.

Rayn: If you’ll read Thomas Paine’s words carefully, you’ll notice that he didn’t actually promote the State as “a necessary evil,” nor did he justify its existence and continuation. Instead, he provided a complex conditional logic clause to explain not only the State as an evil entity, but also its very origins as wicked, with its subsequent functionality, as expected, being based upon a purely oppressive dynamic. Paine provided the following formula to illustrate his point: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil” that is “produced by our wickedness” to “promote our happiness negatively by restraining our vices,” “create distinctions” between us, and be a “punisher.”

To put it another way: the predicate P, even when X, is still just a Q produced by our A to promote B by Y, and create C, and be a D.

And, here is the key:
P: “government”
X: “in the best state”
Q: “necessary evil”
A: “wickedness”
B: “negative happiness”
Y: “restraint of our vices”
C: “distinctions”
D: “punisher”

Paine’s intent was to deconstruct the origins and functions of government in an effort to emancipate himself and others from its freedom-thieving shackles.

In the “Rights of Man,” written in 1791, Paine clearly indicates his faith in the Individual OVER government, based upon EXPERIENCE! And, though he received just a small portion of the free and peaceful voluntary society promised to us all as birthright by our Creator, he was converted to the cause of Liberty for life!

Paine wrote: “For upwards of two years from the commencement of the American War, and to a longer period in several of the American States, there were no established forms of government. The old governments had been abolished, and the country was too much occupied in defence to employ its attention in establishing new governments; yet during this interval order and harmony were preserved as inviolate as in any country in Europe. There is a natural aptness in man, and more so in society, because it embraces a greater variety of abilities and resource, to accommodate itself to whatever situation it is in. The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act: a general association takes place, and common interest produces common security.”

In his work, “Dissertation on First Principles of Government,” Paine also revealed one of the most important portions of the formula for freedom: “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

Israel was an awesome and respectable society when it was Stateless. And, this was how it functioned peacefully for a number of decades before 1948. The first settler lands of Israel were PURCHASED voluntarily from Stateless Arab societies, and peace-loving Jews and Arabs lived as neighbors, and worked side by side to sow and harvest Israeli fields, prospering together in a symbiotic relationship of human brotherhood. But, as Israel continued to buy lands and expand, and new settlers emigrated in without experience in the cultural dynamics required to keep peace, many of the early lessons of this Stateless society were forgotten, and economic and labor tensions began to rise among the two groups. Then, along came the British “Royal” Empire, coveting the lands of Middle-East for its own, and the rest of the story reads like a lesson in “Soft Imperialism Through Balkanization.”

Palestinians and Jews will always have more in common with each other than they EVER will with the ambitious, elitist, murderous sociopaths who push rigged political systems upon their “subjects” in order to call themselves the “leaders” of these groups, and lead then marching into war! The same is true in most of the world!

Diana B.: with zero casualties??? lol!!! we are smarter, care about life more, and aren’t brainwashed to kill all arabs, therefore we focus our resources on protecting our people (instead of killing their people). is that somehow our fault? instead of using the cement they have to build terror tunnels, why not built bomb shelters for your populace? your train of thought sux.

Diana B.: i agree with you rayn. but these fake ass leaders NEED war to keep padding their pockets. and thats why some things will never change…

Genaire: You have about as much choice of how your government spends it’s money as the average Palestinian (which actually means zero choice).

Genaire: Israel Using Flechette Shells in Gaza:

Genaire: You haven’t been able to successfully answer a single question at this point.

Genaire: Actually let me change that you have answered that question. Your fake ass Zionist leaders need war to pad their pockets and expand Israel at the expense of the Palestinians. Killing every man woman and child in the process. That being said I guess you have answered questions one through three. I’m curious to see how you answer the rest.

Diana B.i agree that the palestinians have no choice how their tyrants spend their money. they all became BILLIONAIRES off the backs of their people. besides spending money on themselves, they spend their money on warring with us. rockets, tunnels, etc. again – is that somehow our fault? actually, our leaders never became billionaires during the ‘peace process’ but check out hamas and fatah. they’re still chasing arafats money trail in swizz banks. he is dead already 10 years! lol

Genaire: Our leaders here become rich off our backs and wage war. Give billions to Israel while cities like Detroit look no better then Gaza. Is it our fault? No. Tyrannical governments do as they please. The difference between us is I’m not praising them. I don’t support the wars in my name. I don’t support my tax dollars going to support terrorist governments and organizations. I speak out against tyranny, I don’t support it.

Genaire: 857 Palestinians killed.
649 civilians killed.
194 children killed.
101 women killed.
39 Israelis killed.
208 combatants
They’ve actually killed almost as many children as members of Hamas. Are these the numbers you can sleep with at night. What if the roles were reversed and and your children were at legitimate risk?

Diana B.Report: Hamas Losing Palestinian Arab Support in Gaza:

Diana B.: From the horses mouth : “The only reason Hamas rules Gaza is because of its ruthless iron fist and military dictatorship,” he added. “We would love to have an independence from both Fatah and Hamas, who are profiting off the Palestinian people. We need to rule ourselves.”

Diana B.: again u use body counts as a meter for justice. these hamassholes use children slaves to build tunnels. they use the tunnels to bring in goods to gaza with huge taxes. they became billionaires off the backs of their own people. but u never once criticize them. how narrow minded can u be????

Hamas Killed 160 Palestinian Children to Build Terror Tunnels:

Genaire: 1. Of course they are losing Palestinian Arab support. Who exactly in their right mind could under those death tolls. They are however gaining far more support for their cause from the international community. Israel is also losing support no one supports the genocide of any people, unless you are the people that gain from the genocide.

2. “These Hamassholes use children slaves to build tunnels.” Knowing this you bomb them anyway. That is not the help these people need. Who uses missiles on such densely populated areas unless they are looking to gain exactly those same death tolls. It’s hard to criticize them. Yes their methods are wrong yes I don’t agree with enslavement of any form. I also don’t agree with indefinite occupation. These people you are presently killing also don’t agree with indefinite occupation. So we have two parties presently involved in using the Palestinians for their own gain. The difference being you are killing them in droves and would honestly gain the most from their death.

Diana B.: what parallel universe do u live in??? EVERYONE is backing up israel on this. no *normal* country would allow 25,000 rockets and 9 years of constant fire on their cities. and yes, we bomb them away. but first we warn them, drop fliers, send text messages, do the ‘knock on the roof’ – basically 3 warnings or more, that a house is being targeted. now, what happens after that. have a look (if you don’t mind opening your narrow vision)!!!

Video: Hamas Brutally Beating Civilians of Gaza Who Leave Their Homes Following Israeli Warning:

Diana B.: please watch the video. and again, remind me how its all our fault women and children are being killed. i would love to hear at least ONE hamas condemnation from you. i cant even believe u say nothing about those child slaves killed digging those tunnels. i thought u had more heart than that….

Genaire: No Country is agreeing with what Israel is doing but the United States.

Genaire: PLO Supports Hamas Conditions for Ceasefire:

Genaire: Weekly protests are taking place all over this country.

Genaire: Read articles outside of the Jewish released propaganda and you’ll see how the tides are truly turning.

Diana B.: well, much of the west is supporting israel. much of the east (22 arab nations) obviously condemn. but i don’t need to state the obvious. and i love all the MANIACS in the UNHCR, we got china, iran, SYRIA for fucks sake. these people are the pots calling the kettles black. go fuck off in your own human rights depraved cesspool.

GenaireU.N. Votes to Investigate Israel’s War Crimes:

Genaire: Again I would like to point out I’m not sitting here defending the actions of my government while you on the other hand are.

Diana B.: hmmm i wonder why so many babies are dying???!?!?!?

Diana B.

2014-07-27 - Israel Cuts of Water to Gaza Strip, Again (4)

Diana B.: the ‘dead baby’ strategy is old news

Hamas Dead Baby Strategy:

Diana B.: can u blame them???

Palestinian TV Show Encourages Children to Kill Jews:

Genaire: 1. It matters not who the child is taking pictures. It matters who’s pulling the trigger and this particular honor falls squarely on the shoulders of the Israeli government and is supporters.

2.No bombs were found in the UN facilities that had also been bombed by Israel. No bombs were found on the beach where the kids had been playing football.

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