Power-Hungry Senator Proposes Licensing for Bicycle “Operators”

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"Licensed Cyclists Only"

“Licensed Cyclists Only”

State Senator Proposes to ID Bicycle “Operators”:

(Scott Roberts, Freedom Foundation) For the past few years, the Freedom Foundation has published our “Big Spenders” list. As a result of I-960, the Office of Financial Management is required to calculate the 10-year cost of any bill that proposes a new tax or a new fee. We then take all the bill sponsors and add up these projected costs, and publish a rank-ordered list. It’s informative for taxpayers to know which legislators propose bills that increase the cost of government and legislators who don’t.

It’s stunning how much government growth—at the expense of taxpayers—is proposed by some legislators.

I’m heading up the project this year, so lately I’ve been up to my ears wading through bills from this past session. I have to give credit to Anne Marie Gurney, our ace research analyst for digging up this bill information. It’s Senate Bill 6301, and it proposes to license bicycle “operators”.

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My CommentaryAccording to the article, “the Senator says this bill was proposed because of constituent complaints about cyclists who were a traffic nuisance and who were urinating in people’s yards–and identification numbers are needed to file complaints with the authorities.”

Good thing that the complaints weren’t against pedestrians, eh?

No matter how peaceful our behavior is, the government always eventually creates some sort of pretext to interject itself into the equation as our Accuser, turned Gatekeeper, on the matter (but, of course). We are being branded guilty until proven innocent with every single oppressive measure like this that is even suggested, let alone passed! Every new law makes a new crime – or, should I say “pre-crime,” in cases like this (just like so many others)! Meanwhile, the prisons continue to overflow with more and more Individuals convicted of VICTIMLESS OFFENSES!

These professionally-lying, morally-bankrupt, sociopathic so-called “representatives” are slowly but surely criminalizing our humanity, while legalizing their criminality, right before our very eyes! Wake up and smell the tyranny!

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