Discussing American Exceptionalism Regarding “Gun Control”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Exceptionalism: Ensuring that History Continues to Repeat Itself“…

Rayn: Exceptionalism: ensuring that history will continue to repeat itself…

“Turn in Your Weapons… The Government Will Take Care of You”

“Turn in Your Weapons… The Government Will Take Care of You”

Morgan S.: Don’t turn in anything.

Rayn: Google “democide.” And, remember: the average “gun control” advocate is just an intellectually-dishonest doublethinking sheep who is NOT AT ALL “anti-gun,” like he claims. His true agenda becomes apparent when you realize that he really just wants all guns to remain solely in the hands of police and military…

Rayn: Unsurprisingly, it will take GUNS to enforce “gun control” laws… And, the irony of this equation is absolutely lost on “gun control” advocates. Interestingly enough, these same types also fail to realize that agreement with their position requires an absolutely blind faith and trust in government authority, which no critical thinker could possibly agree to!

Jonas A.: I would not either….not until they take it from our cold, dead fingers…so to speak…

Rayn: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, imperialist scum!

Stephen K.:



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