Stop Posting Regularly About the Oppression of Collectivism Because Someone Labels it As “Obnoxious,” or Continue to Exercise Free Speech, Regardless of How “Tasteless” it is Deemed?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Stand Up and Act to Improve!“…

Rayn: Indeed! And, every time an individual shills for centralized government, the wall of oppression rises!

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope... These ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." - Robert F. Kennedy

“Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope… These ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Stephen K.: And those ripples often rebound as assassinations! 🙁

Adam G.: Okay, it’s kind of getting really obnoxious that you reduce all rhetoric about oppression to being about centralized government. That might be your position, but there are other viewpoints and you are totally discounting them.

Rayn: To reply to your comment, Stephen, I’ll quote Lauryn Hill: “Knowing my condition is the reason I must die!” 🙂

Adam, that sounds like a personal problem, if you ask me! I discounted nothing, and just so happen to not consent to being governed by the “representatives” of the collective! I choose to focus on and write about the oppression committed by centralized government in a great deal of my posts because it is very special interest of mine – as I continue to personally endure the tyranny of this system DAILY – so, you are incorrect in your statement that I “reduce *all* rhetoric about oppression to being about centralized government.” There are, indeed, other forms of oppression taking place in this world besides the kind I typically focus on, and yet, NOTHING I’ve written here, or even previously, discounts their existence, whatsoever! I’d love for you to prove otherwise!

Besides, even off the top of my head, I can recall writing about the oppression of the Judge Rotenberg center without even a single mention of centralized government within, so you’re really just using pure FALSEHOOD as your “reason” to confront me, which is something I find to be beyond “obnoxious”:

Torture Constitutes “Treatmet at the Judge Rotenberg Center:

Either way, feel free to respond to any of my posts with facts and personal experiences, instead of worthlessly chiding me for imaginary offenses against your understanding of oppression – without even providing evidence to back it up, mind you! Otherwise, simply unfriend me, or hide my posts from your FB news feed, if you find me to be so obnoxious and ignorant! Rest assured that I’ll continue to chant down Babylon, even with my dying breath!

Adam G.: Dude, I wasn’t inciting a political debate. I think it would be equally tasteless for me to turn every complaint about oppression into a tirade about Class Rule or Capitalism. I will do this on occasion, but I feel that over-extending ideology like this can be somewhat distasteful. (BTW, I know people who do this with ideologies I agree with, so this isn’t targeted at the fact that we have differing ideologies.) I guess I’m just bidding you a warning that making things that are not necessarily tied to your political ideology into mouthpieces to your political ideology will go over especially poorly with many people (much like how the mainstream political establishment made Sandy Hook about both gun control and institutionalization when there was clearly a tragedy that had occur. BTW, I’m not saying that what you are doing is anywhere near that bad, but beware that treacherous path).

Also, I do appreciate the fact that you point out that both parties are complicit with and part of Imperialism, something that is often forgotten in the Blue State Bubble that many East Coasters live in. (Yes, I randomly properize nouns by capitalizing them because I’ve read too many bad translations of German or French philosophy).

Adam G.: Lastly, I do enjoy our conversations as you are clearly not unintelligent, so don’t mistake my vigorous debate against you for a sign of disrespect; debating like this is seriously a pastime of me and my friends, so this is kind of my MO to interaction.

Rayn: Actually, if you would only read my posts more carefully, you’d take note of the fact that I’m very anti-political. The stance I take is a moral one: I don’t believe that I know what’s best for others, I don’t want to police others for their vices, I don’t want to pre-crime the innocent based on the guilty, and I simply want to be left alone by those control-freaks who claim to “rule” me, and their many sniveling minions and toadies! I don’t see it as “tasteless” for me to bring up my own viewpoint on my own FB page at every waking moment, so long as I am DAILY being stifled by the tyranny of this rotten system!

Without the ability to vent my anger at the injustice of being controlled by strangers who don’t really care about me, I’d have no choice but to go on a permanent hunger strike to death in order to make my point, as I don’t want to “live” like this because it is not truly living. I regularly endure full emotional melt-downs over things that others shake off easily, such as the parking ticket I received a few weeks ago when I pulled into the bus stop located in front of my parents’ building in order to drop off my parrot, with her super heavy, gilded iron birdcage (a cold wind could literally stop her heart), or the time I was detained, frisked/molested, then threatened not to return, by a police officer last summer, because he decided I was “suspicious” for walking in the rain, far from my own neighborhood, and that I MIGHT be a burglar:

Questioned, Searched and Frisked by Wood Ridge Cop:

I don’t take well to your warning because I don’t find myself to be guilty of your ridiculous charge. When a “public servant” like Robert Kennedy mentions oppression, I’m not even close to going off-topic when I introduce the idea that centralized government qualifies as such. NO, I don’t plan to censor myself about my views on this topic for the benefit of anyone’s feelings, and if anything, your comments make me want to discuss my views and experiences TWICE AS MUCH, as this *is*, in fact, my FB wall! I don’t initiate posts of my views onto the walls of other Individuals, and I NEVER comment on the THOUSANDS of pro-establishment political posts that I see on the walls of my FB friend. These things *would* actually qualify as “tasteless” and “obnoxious,” if done enough times, so I refrain completely.

I am fixated on justice because there is almost NONE happening around me, and I know exactly what is responsible for it! Since I’m not allowed to simply be just me in this country, living the Non-Aggression Principle without harassment, I’m gonna complain about my condition of coerced servitude to pirates over and over and over again! I’m absolutely incapable of stopping, in these circumstances! And, that’s why I even suggested that you could always unfriend me, or hide my posts from your FB news feed, in the first place, if you’d rather not read my view-point, or discuss it!

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