If You See Something, Film Something!

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

If You See Something, Film Something II:

 My Commentary: Watching this video gives me a lump in my throat, and makes me SICK! And, yet, if I don’t want to pay for the “privilege” of being harassed, bullied, brutalized and/or murdered by these lizard-brained “public servants,” and don’t desire to sponsor their ability to do it to MY fellow human beings, then I’ll go to jail for tax evasion! Hmm… Seems legit!

Those who call these sorts of incidents “isolated” are nothing more than ENABLERS and LIARS! If what they claim was really true, then officers caught victimizing the public wouldn’t receive so much police department support, wouldn’t get acquitted for their crimes at such a high rate, and definitely wouldn’t receive simple slaps on the wrist when the evidence against them is too overwhelming to ignore!

Wake up and smell the American Fascism, Exposed!

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