Chinese-Born Briton Caught Attempting to Smuggle Six Roasted Human Fetuses into Thailand

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"Thai police show the remains of six foetuses wrapped in gold leaf "

“Thai police show the remains of six foetuses wrapped in gold leaf “

Briton Arrested in Thailand After Being Found with Six Roasted Human Foetuses:

(Independent, Rob Williams) A British citizen in Bangkok has been arrested after Thai police found six roasted human foetuses packed in his luggage.

Chow Hok Kuen, who is 28 and of Taiwanese origin, was held by police after the grisly discovery was made in Bangkok’s Chinatown district yesterday.

Reports says the six foetuses had been covered in gold leaf after being roasted as part of a black magic ritual.

It is not clear where the bodies came from, but Chow Hok Kuen is believed to have been attempting to smuggle them into Taiwan.

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My Commentary: Chinese-born British citizen, Chow Hok Kuen, was caught smuggling the charred remains of six human children into Thailand. The Bangkok police who apprehended the suspect believe the victims to be between the ages of two and seven months. Kuen claimed that he bought the remains online, and planned to profit greatly by selling them before being discovered.

Refer to my earlier article this month, “South Korean Customs Officials Seize Thousands of China-Made Pills Filled with Powdered Human Baby Flesh,” where I stated the following:

“Most have chosen the ‘head in sand’ pose, dismissing these sorts of stories as “myth” without so much as a modicum of research. Few understand just how much the grisly, abominable “one child policy” of China’s government is responsible for this zero-value on human life policy, and black-market trafficking in aborted human fetal remains!

As Female Infanticide Skyrockets Under Deadly “One Child” Policy, China’s Wealthy Eat Human Baby As Delicacy:

China is home to AT LEAST 13 MILLION abortions a year….

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