In Just Under Two Decades, Innocent Americans Have Spent Over 10,000 Years in Jail

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Caged Prisoners in Orange Jumpsuits

Caged Prisoners in Orange Jumpsuits

Innocent Americans Spent at Least 10,000 Years in Jail:

( The US Constitution guarantees a fair trial, but the number of Americans that will argue otherwise is incredible. At least 2,000 people have been sentenced to prison for crimes in the last 23 years, only to eventually be exonerated by the court.

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My Commentary: According to the article, “scanning barely two decades of available info, researchers have found a trove of information detailing 873 well-documented exoneration cases. Of just those, the time spent behind bars totals to more than 10,000 years in prison.” This means that the true figure is MUCH higher. The US government is just another cult religion, based upon faith in force, destruction and loss of life. Wake up from the nightmare of collectivism, and embrace the Individual Sovereignty of TRULY BEING via The Non-Aggression Principle and Voluntaryism! Remember how to LIVE, you’ll find your way BACK HOME!

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