America’s Plutocratic House of Representatives Continue to Vote for MORE WAR!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Mehrdad S…

2012-05-25 - America's Plutocratic House of Representatives Continue to Vote for MORE WAR!

Mehrdad S.: That Was Now, This is Then: Another Pro-War Resolution Hits the House Floor:

Rayn: These ultra-wealthy, immoral, vampire-mummies are BLATANTLY trying to fast-track THEIR WAR, before the American people catch on to their latest lies!

Betsy H.: All the protesting more than likely will never persuade the men and women to listen to the people here until the day comes when peace is more profitable than their war plans. Achieving that goal is still the dream of many here, including me, finding peaceful ways to get their attention while they play us for their votes is the challenge.

Beatris S.: INSANE.

Mehdrad S.: Thanks so much Rayn for your support.

Mehdrad S.: Many thanks Betsy for your very correct diagnosis of this fatal illness. When a democracy is turned into a corporatocracy, with the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex at its core (assisted by a “consent- manufacturing” media), decisions -even by the peoples’ representatives!- to instigate wars of aggression should come as no surprise. As you rightly mentioned, such a war is more profitable to THEM than peace. They represent the said Complex rather than the people.

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