Discussing Seizure of China-Made Pills Filled with Powdered Human Baby Flesh

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Since Last Year, South Korean Customs Officials Have Seized Thousands of China-Made Pills Filled with Powdered Human Baby Flesh“…

China-Made “Miracle Pills” Seized by South Korean Customs Officials Consist of 99.7% Powdered Flesh of Dead Human Babies

China-Made “Miracle Pills” Seized by South Korean Customs Officials Consist of 99.7% Powdered Flesh of Dead Human Babies

Rayn: Most have chosen the “head in sand” pose, dismissing these sorts of stories as “myth” without so much as a modicum of research. Few understand just how much the grisly, abominable “one child policy” of China’s government is responsible for this zero-value on human life policy, and black-market trafficking in aborted human fetal remains!

As Female Infanticide Skyrockets Under Deadly “One Child” Policy, China’s Wealthy Eat Human Baby As Delicacy:

China is home to AT LEAST 13 MILLION abortions a year….

Sara: Jesus Christ, I just vomited in my mouth.

Simon P.: Oh snap.

Rayn: These sorts of dangers lurk on the horizon, even as the cowards-that-be tell in the Western world tell us to watch out for “terrorists” so that they can strip us of our human rights, much like Communist China!!! And, those in power would LOVE for the world to adopt China’s death-system, pushing the idea again and again in order to “manufacture” public consent:

CNN Founder & Media Mogul Billionaire Ted Turner* Urges World Leaders to Adopt China’s “One Child” Policy:
*Note that Turner himself is a father of five children.

A Real Inconvenient Truth: Diane Francis, Financial Post:

Environmentalists Call for One-Child Policy:

Sara: Holy shit, Ted Turner, really?

Sara: What a pig.

Rayn: Ted Turner is just another ultra-wealthy elitist f*cking mummy. He’s completely dead inside, and far removed from society and reality…

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