Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Aboriginal and Tribal Nation News,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

"Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings: (Eagle-Love) (Bear-Courage) (Beaver-Wisdom) (Buffalo-Respect) (Sabe "Sasquatch-Honesty) (Wolf-Humility) (Turtle-Truth)"

“Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings: (Eagle-Love) (Bear-Courage) (Beaver-Wisdom) (Buffalo-Respect) (Sabe “Sasquatch-Honesty) (Wolf-Humility) (Turtle-Truth)”

My Commentary: Behold, yet another version of the Seven-Fold Spiritual Constitution of the [HE IS] that [I AM] (AKA “the Seven-Light Lamp of Self-Sovereignty”)! Hallalu Yah! The Tribe shall prevail over the Hive!

Compare the above information to the following information:

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2 Responses to Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings

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  2. White Buffalo says:

    Canada has the Royal Proclamation 1763. Canada has ministers (ecclesiasts) while the 13 Colonies have secretaries. Secretaries perform clerical work. A cleric is an ecclesiast but lower than a minister; catch the drift?

    If you read the Royal Proclamation 1763 the expression; “our privy council” many times. In Cana’anada the Parliament are employees of the Treasury board. Under s. 5 of the Financial Administration Act R. S. C. 1985 c F-11 we find the Treasury Board “Act”, hidden within an Act. The Board of directors are Privy Councillors.

    The Privy Council Cana’ada is owned by the Lord Privy Seal, alias; HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND c. o. b. currently as “Tina Stowell”. The Lord :Privy Seal was invented by the papacy to support the Keeper of the Great Seal. The Lord Privy Seal was invented in 1307, just 5 years after unum sanctum. The Keeper of the Great Seal came in 1068 just 2 years after the Syrian Refugee Crisis of 1066.

    The “Crown” as in; Crown Land, Crown Corporation etc. is in reference to the Trirego Crown of the papacy. This is because the Queen, Lizzy, was only assigned the Lion. Pope is the front for the trustees to Judah known as the Cardinal of Cana’anites.

    The problem Lizzy has with the Royal Proclamation 1763 is three fold;
    1. It speaks of Treaties which are contracts. Lizzy Bible, Ancient Scripture, commands Lizzy not to engage in contracts of which treaties are.
    2.It speaks of land sales and if you check with the Laws attached to Lizzy you will find the land belongs to her God and not to be sold for ever.
    3. The Royal Proclamation has yet to be respected.

    In terms of baseball; three strikes you’re out!

    On February 6th., 1952 Lizzy became Chief of the Tribe of Judah. On June 2nd., 1953 she delegated her God given authority to Vatican curia as trustees at the Temple of Dagon. At that time pope inherited Deuteronomy 4:2 and Lizzy went on what may very well be the longest vacation of any ruler in the history of man, so far, about 63 years.

    World’s number one terrorist? The Colonial voters.
    World’s number two terrorist? The Lord Privy Seal or “Money Penny”. LOL

    As we have just left the 7th blood moon tetrad, and the 7th fire, we are heading into a year created by pope; 2017. 2+0+1+7=10; 10 is the Law. We know Lizzy is a front for the modern day Cana’anites. We know voting is a snare. We know ALL colonial presidents, from George Wershington to George W. Sherf, to Clinton and Trump, were of pagan King John’s genealogy and King John contracted with pope in 1213 binding John and his heirs and successors forever plus one day.

    Very simple, very satanic, very brilliant!

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