For 30 Years, US and UK Have Plotted Against Libya’s Gaddafi Using Secret Intelligence Agencies

I originally posted the following information onto my Facebook wall…

Libya: Target of USA and the UK

Libya: Target of USA and the UK

I recently read the following article:

Libya: Who’s Terrorizing Whom? (1997)

Intrigued by the reading, I decided to do some research into the topic. I soon wrote the blog, US-Armed, Trained & Funded Mujahideen Becomes Maktab Al-Khidamat (MAK), Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) Terrorist Groups. Upon completing it, I continued to do more research, soon discovering the following information:

USA’s 1984 Gaddafi Overthrow/Assasination Plot

Former CIA Operative on U.S.-Backed Plan to Assassinate Qaddafi in 1980s:

350 Libyans Trained to Oust Qaddafi Are to Come to U.S. (May 1991):

Libyan Rebel Leader Khalifa Haftar Spent Much of Past 20 Years in Suburban Virginia:

US/UK 1996 Gaddafi Overthrow/Assasination Plots

Unrest Reported In Eastern Libya (March 1996):

Notice a familiar name, here? Now, if Col. Khalifa Haftar spent the last 20 years in suburban Virginia… near Langley… and yet, was given free passage in & out of America, so that he pops up in Libya in 1996, meeting with the US-based Libyan National Army, in an attempt to overthrow the SAME Moammar Gadhafi that the US has been actively, covertly pursuing using the CIA since the 1980s… what exactly does that make Haftar?

Britian’s 1996 Plot to Kill Khaddafi (August 1998):

British Intelligence Agency Funded Libyan Al-Qaeda Cell Controlled Directly by Bin Laden in 1996 (November 2002):

Current Events in Libya

JUST IN TODAY – CIA Officers Working With Libya Rebels:,0,4151799.story

(*April 1, 2011 update:

US-Saudi Deal on Libya Exposed: Obama OK’ed Bahrain Invasion in Exchange for Yes Vote on No-Fly Zone:’ed_bahrain_invasion_in_exchange_for_’yes’_vote_on_%22no-fly_zone%22)

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