Feedback on “Big ‘Ole Words,” by Cee Lo Green

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Kala Z…

Kala Z.: Cee Lo Green – Big ‘Ole Words:

Kala Z.: Cee Lo before all his singing shit, he was one of the best rappers EVAAAAAH…..DAYUM!

Rayn: Cee-Lo’s droppin’ science! Skillz!

Kala Z.: Luv this shit. Many havent heard this, but had to drop it on all ya’ll. Sometimes forget the art that hip hop was always meant to be b4 the money retarded it and wrapped it in “industry”

John V.: Reminds me of Goodie Mobb. Makes me want to hear some Black Ice with Goodie and Outkast.

Kala Z.: Sheeeeettt….makes me hungry for some Soul Food lol!

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