Ron Paul: “The People’s Champ” in 2012!

Ron Paul, 2012!

Ron Paul, 2012!

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. And by no coincidence, it is also the three-year anniversary of Ron Paul’s record-breaking “Money Bomb” campaign, which took place on December 16, 2007 during his 2008 presidential bid. On this single day in history, Ron Paul received so many campaign donations from individuals, that he broke the record for the  largest single day fundraising total in U.S. history! Of course, this information was all but ignored by the mainstream media monopoly, who brought us WMDs and the War in Iraq:

Ron Paul Beats Fundraising Record, Garnering $6 Million in Just 24 Hours:

Paul’s $16M Haul… Impressive.  No Buts:

The average American has little or no idea who Ron Paul is, or what he really represents to the political landscape of America.  And, though he has gained a substantial backing of supporters over the years, he has still been all but outright dismissed by the corporately-owned mainstream media monopoly in our country.

Most individuals know that Ron Paul is a Congressman, serving the 14th Congressional district of Texas. However, many are not aware that he has maintained this seat since first being elected into it in 1996. Paul is currently serving his seventh consecutive term as a Congressman:

Many don’t realize that Ron Paul is not a true “career politician.” Not only was he a former flight surgeon for the United States Air Force, since then, he has maintained a REAL job as an OB/GYN doctor in his home state of Texas:

Few are aware that, as a congressman in Texas, Ron Paul has returned his salary to the Treasury every year for over a decade. This year alone, he saved the taxpayers a whopping $100,000 by declining payment for his service as a Congressman:!

Just a handful of individuals are privy to the fact that Ron Paul has refused to participate in the “immoral” Congressional pension system, declining his own “retirement package”:

Unbeknownst to the general public, while many members of Congress receive their contributions from CORPORATIONS, as a Congressman, Ron Paul has received the vast majority of his fundraising contributions from INDIVIDUALS, who account for an average of 90% of his total donations:

Along with being a CONSTITUTIONAL Republican (not to be confused with NEO-CONSERVATIVE), Ron Paul is also a life-long member of the Libertarian Party. He even ran for president in 1988 as a candidate of the Libertarian Party:,_1988

As a Congressman who firmly believes in the principal of non-interventionism, Ron Paul has voted against every single war measure taken against Iraq:

Also in the spirit of non-interventionism, Ron Paul would like to scale back the role of the CIA, limiting their actions to intelligence-gathering only. He would rescind their ability to assassinate foreign leaders and overthrow foreign countries, as it only contributes to acts of terrorism on American soil:

Ron Paul so consistently votes against any bill he considers unconstitutional, that many of his detractors actually refer to him as “Dr. No”!

*Sigh* It’s too bad that so many voted for Obama, thinking that he would end the war in Iraq (even though he voted to give it funding as a senator), while Ron Paul would have REALLY ENDED IT (as a congressman, he voted against war, then, afterward, against funding the war). Individuals should have been checking TRACK RECORDS when they voted in 2008! I guess substance-free promises of “hope” and “change” are more effective than a real, committed effort to bring an end to America’s wars in the Middle-East.

At least the keen-eyed members of our military knew who the REAL anti-war candidate was! Most individuals are unaware of the fact that, before the primaries, and even after, Ron Paul received the MOST MILITARY CONTRIBUTIONS of ALL candidates, including Obama:

Military Donor Stats Before Primaries (Feb. 2008):

Military Donor Stats After Primaries (May 2008):

The statistics in these two articles illustrate perfectly that Barack Obama’s military contributions were not only SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than Ron Paul’s before the primaries (Obama’s $94,000 versus Paul’s $212,000 in February), but that Obama’s numbers only gained their biggest jump by DEFAULT, right after the primaries, once Paul was out of the race (Obama’s $178,465 versus Paul’s alleged “$201,271” in May). Note that while Obama’s contributions increased by over 75% in just three months, Paul appears to have “lost” about  about $11,000.

If Ron Paul chooses to run for president in 2012, individuals should finally reject the non-journalism of  the mainstream media monopoly, and, instead, use sources like the Internet to take notice of this man’s integrity as a real human being, with solid, unshakable principles, while also acknowledging his voting record as a Congressman! Perhaps, then, we will finally have some real “change” in this country!

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