Resist the Drone-Minded, Hierarchical Insectoid-System Before it Completely Desolates Humanity Once Again!

Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex: The Three Profiteers!

Military-Industrial-Scientific Complex: The Three Profiteers!
(Artwork by Rayn)

All throughout history, humanity has fought to retain natural-borne liberty in the face of systemic oppression. And, our worst enemy has always taken the same form: CENTRALIZED KNOWLEDGE, hoarded by the few, to the detriment of all. Once information is bottle-necked within a given system, and governed from top to bottom, on a “need-to-know” basis using “trickle-down” methods, ignorance prevails, and exploitation is only inevitable! FREEDOM cannot live within a compartmentalized, hierarchical, hive-minded SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP. As human-beings, we must RESIST this unnatural, abominable DRONE-MINDED INSECTOID-SYSTEM before it completely desolates humanity ONCE AGAIN! PLEASE LIVE UP TO YOUR FREE-WILL! Embrace INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY and REJECT this HOUSE OF BONDAGE!

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