The Impact of a Name

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"What's in a name?"

“What’s in a name?”

GrimmRomance: The impact of a name: What does your name mean? Are you fond of it? Were you teased about it?

Rayn: My name is “Rayn.”

In Scandanavian, “Rayne” means “strong counselor,” and “mighty.”
In Scottish and Gaelic, “Rayne” means “field of good ground.”
In French and English, “Rayne” means “queen.”
In Israeli, “Rayne” means “song.”

Growing up with my name was definitely an experience all its own! In school, I was subject to both wonder and ridicule for bearing this title.

When introduced to new individuals, I often find myself repeating my name multiple times before it is properly received. It would seem that there is a certain degree of disbelieving one’s own ears when hearing a name such as mine. Ha ha! To me, possessing a unique name is definitely a character-building experience!

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