NYPD Pigs Escalate an Otherwise Peaceful Situation Into Violence

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Sara: I’m ashamed to be a NY’er after watching this. I nearly broke down in tears for this dude. Idle pigs are the devils playground.

NYPD Arrests Random Guy at Bus Stop in the Bronx:

Justin W.: Believe me this is mild

Sara: There’s definitely a lot worse out there but for some reason this really angers me. This dude was doing nothing wrong. They were provoking him by not letting him leave even after he showed his bus ticket and ID. It’s like they were waiting for him to get upset. He asked them repeatedly to take their hands off of him. They didn’t. Then when all the other pigs jumped in, it was over. The emotion in his voice was gut-wrenching. He didn’t deserve that shit.

Justin W.: Yeah I have seen a ton of these videos on YouTube each one makes me sad things are changing rapidly 😐

Sara: smh

Rayn: These pigs escalated an otherwise peaceful situation into violence, solely to legitimize the making of an arrest. Pure criminality on display, here. Statists gonna state…

SaraNo Victim, No Crime!

Rayn: Yes!

Abe L.: pigs at their best

Stacie T.: I just posted something the other day about officers in Rialto being required to wear video cameras and how it dropped the rate of force and complaints drastically. From this, I’d say it wouldn’t even work here. They know they are being video taped and they obviously don’t give a shit. They’re not even trying to violate the right to videotape their interactions with citizens. They are just going about their their shady business without the slightest concern that there is evidence of excessive force being used against this man. Sickening display of blatant abuse of power.

Lisa M.: why did they start with him?

Sara: NYPD assumed he didn’t pay his bus fare but he had the ticket and receipt on him and showed it to them right away but they continued to harass and attack him.

Lisa M.: smh

Fred W.: They’re a bunch of scumbags.

No Justice for Police Murder Victim, Danielle Maudsley

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Censorship is Security – Debt is Money – Tyrants Are Servants“…

Censorship is Security – Debt is Money – Tyrants Are Servants:

“Danielle Maudsley, 20-yrs-old, was handcuffed and not posing any threat to Officer Daniel Cole. Cole tasered her in the back, and continued electrocuting her while she fell to the pavement.

As she lied on he ground, Danielle said, ‘I can’t get up.’ Cole sneered, ‘I don’t want you to get up.’ Danielle repeated, ‘I can’t get up.’ Those were her last words. She is now permanently brain-dead.”

Rayn: This graphic is outdated. In September of 2013, Danielle succumbed to her injuries, and passed away. Yet, the murdering swine, Daniel Cole, was cleared of any wrongdoing, even as his victim was still languishing in the hospital, completely brain-dead from the injuries he inflicted upon her…

Gray E.: That’s murder

Lane L.: Also not charged for failing to call for an ambulance.

Lenard L.: here’s the story. http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=273471

James C.: Schutzstaffel

Curt T.: POV cameras would help a little with these crocked bastards.

Statism: Arming Sociopathic Professional Liars With Military-Grade Weapons, While Simultaneously Calling for Disarmament of Public in Name of “Safety”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Police victim, Robert Jackson

Genaire: Cops Hit My Car, Then Arrested Me: Suit:

Rayn: Here’s an idea: Let’s arm all of these sociopathic, professional liars to the teeth with military-grade gear and weapons, while simultaneously calling for the disarmament of the public in the name of “safety.” Then, we’ll promote this attempted power-grab as “gun control,” while convincing society that it is a necessary tool for keeping law and order!

Out-of-Control Chicago Police Caught Sexually-Abusing Innocents in Broad Daylight

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family

Genaire: Pigs need Death!

Police Strip-Search 3 People in Public, Force Woman to Remove Tampon While Taunting Her:

Rayn: More American Fascism, Exposed

Brooke N.: I can’t go along with death, Genaire that just makes us like them. I can go with pushing for citizen review and a push to change policing policies and taking back the people’s voice (and dignity) with regard to government. I know that you and Rayn have experienced this kind of thing up close and personal, I just can’t go with taking any whole class of people and giving up on finding a way to get along with them. That’s something that I have felt my whole life, and it fueled my support of the civil rights movement, marriage equality and other grassroots movements toward more, not less, freedom. There is governmental/police over-reach, and it should be dealt with without making US become brutal. Gandhi didn’t exactly say that, but I believe he would have in this situation.

Genaire: I always feel one has the right to defend ones self up to and including the death of one’s attacker no matter what position that attacker may hold.

Genaire: State Passes Law to Legalize Shooting Police:

Sara: Jesus Christ, I can’t even watch it based on the description. PIGS!

Diane B.: uhhhhh lets cook some bacon!

Ron K.: Insane!..smdh