Young Entrepreneurs, for Freedom!

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after my friend, Brooke N, posted artwork from here

Brooke N.: Another couple of kid entrepreneurs, as we were discussing this afternoon.

“A state trooper had a perfect spot to watch for speeders, but wasn’t getting any. Then, he discovered the problem. A 12-year-old boy was standing up the road with a hand-printed sign, which read, ‘Radar Trap Ahead.’ The officer also found the boy’s friend down the road with a sign that read ‘TIPS’ and a bucket full of money. (And we used to sell lemonade)”

Rayn: I remember this! Ha! 🙂


The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance

Om P.: Found my childhood Pokéball toy and immediately made it into a bong… I took a critical hit and it was super effective!

Alayna X.: Wow! I’d like to know how to do that! Do you do tutorials?

Susie B.: That is so cool! Now what do I do with my sons mega collection of Pokemon cards? Lol

Om P.: Thanks Alayna! I just made it for myself, but I’d make a website if I had more time on my hands… Maybe a YouTube video could help you out.

Mike R.: PokéBong!

Niklas M.: You win.

Niklas M.: I chose you! To smoke a bowl with

Om P.: Hahaha all of you guys are hilarious. I can’t even choose my favorite comment… Keep doing what you all do!

Rayn: Skillz! 🙂

Jessica L.: Omg. I want it!!! Its amazing.

Jessica L.: He has talent. I couldn’t do that

The Art of Use

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “הקונספירלה“…


אומנות השימוש מחדש…

BenJamin S.: יצירתיות בשיאה

Karin A.: יצירתיות מעוררת השראה :))

Nitza L.: ענק !!

Jeremy B.: סוף סוף – משהו חיובי לעשות עם אוטו :-)(

Rayn: Very clever! 🙂

Moran C.: עם מחירי הדלק היום, זה רק רעיון יפה…