Contributing to the ‘Great Work’ of Government

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Battle Over Air Force’s $1,300 Coffee Cups Heats Up:

() The Air Force, under fire for throwing down $1,280 apiece to replace in-flight reheating cups after their handles break, is pledging to use 3-D printing to get that replacement cost down to 50 cents.

But Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is still wondering why these pricey water heaters are necessary in the first place, and plans to keep pushing the Air Force to find cheaper waysto warm up their coffee.

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My Commentary: When tax time arrives, consider making a modest donation to the IRS. Every petro-dollar counts! The “Great Work” of our wise and noble elect never ends, and it ain’t cheap!

Taxes Are the Price We Pay for the Legalization of Theft

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“Form 1040”

IRS Losing Money on Targeting Debts of Low-Income Earners:

(Roey Hadar) The IRS spent $20 million on private debt collectors who ultimately collected just $6.7 million, according to a report from the Taxpayer Advocate, the agency’s in-house watchdog.

The report deems the Internal Revenue Service’s work with private debt collection to be one of the agency’s most serious problems because the debts assigned to private collectors largely targeted lower-income earners who owe federal taxes.

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My Commentary: Taxes are the price we pay for the legalization of theft…

The corrupt institution known as the “IRS” spent $20 million in our tax dollars to hire private collection agencies to help claim “debts” owed to them, as ordered by Congress. Of course, this disproportionately effected low-income and below-poverty-level “earners,” just as the IRS predicted before implementing the legislature’s grand scheme. And, in the end, not only did the IRS only collect just a mere $6.7 million in debt, but they obviously breached the security of every single American “tax payer,” in the process, as the robo-call tax phone scams began shortly after this whole circus act started.

IRS Will Extort Michael Phelps for Up to $55,000 for the Olympic Gold Medals He Won in Rio

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Multiple Gold-Medal-Winning Olympics Swimmer for USA, Michael Phelps

Multiple Gold-Medal-Winning Olympics Swimmer for USA, Michael Phelps

Rayn: Michael Phelps Must Pay $55,000 in “Victory Taxes” on Olympic Medals:

Tammy S.: They work their butts off to win and represent our country and they are penalized. That’s a shame. I understand we need taxation. Some things should be exempt just on principle, like Olympic Medals.


Marilyn M.: totally, totally agree with tammy. shame, shame on whomever is responsible for this “victory” (whose victory ?) tax

Statism: Penalizing Marriage While Incentivizing “Shacking Up”

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IRS Increases “Marriage Penalty,” Unmarried Cohabitants To Get Twice The Mortgage Interest Deduction:

(Tony Nitti) There are a thousand good reasons to never get married: in-laws, divorce attorneys, and the inevitable ravages of age on one’s attractiveness come immediately to mind.

But there are also significant tax hits that come with getting hitched, or as they’ve collectively been coined, the “marriage penalty.” For example, the 28% tax bracket kicks in at $91,150 of income if you’re single, but at only $151,900 — an amount basic math tells you is less than double $91,150 — for married taxpayers. In addition, single taxpayers start to lose 3% of itemized deductions when adjusted gross income exceeds $258,250; married taxpayers, however, will lose itemized deductions once adjusted gross income exceeds only $309,900.

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My Commentary: Statism: penalizing marriage while incentivizing “shacking up.”

Decimating Disinformation Regarding Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Stand Against the Theft of Taxation

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"Taxation is theft"

“Taxation is theft”

Marybett M.: So you’re PROUD to say you didn’t pay taxes cuz your ancestors were slaves. Hmmmm my ancestors died trying to free yours but I sure don’t hear “thank you”. More over if you did any kind of real research you would realize iSLAM is the “original slave trader.”

I don’t sit down on a pity pot and WHINE!

Rayn: You are simply regurgitating DISINFORMATION that is being circulated by the mainstream media monopoly for the purposes of discrediting Ms. Hill, and emotionally riling up those who aren’t interested in doing their own research about the situation! Lauryn Hill stated EXACTLY why she withheld paying taxes on her very own Tumblr page, if you are really interested:

Marybett M.Regurgitating disinformation. Yes I do understand that cycle. You give mainstream a topic especially on someone who they don’t like their views on and it will be recycled refurgitation.
However I did come across this quote. “She explained that she hasn’t paid taxes since she withdrew from society to guarantee the safety and well-being of herself and her family.”

If it’s true, I can appreciate the intent to withdraw from society because of it’s moral corruption, I GET THAT AND SO DO MANY OTHERS. However, it still stands that we have to “render to ceasar…”

Personally, if she’s that principled and has the courage to withstand what lamestream may say, she could certainly earn doing tours. There are many that support that same view especially if there’s any “spirituality” in that as well.
It’s hard to stand up to the system but you still have to do the next right thing.