Heinous Crime Committed Against Service Dog of Autistic Child

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Allie Nolan, and her service dog, Toby

Autistic Child’s Service Dog Kidnapped, Beaten, Killed, Then Tossed in Family’s Front Yard:

A Moncks Corner mother says she believes her daughter’s special needs service dog was hit on the side of the head with a baseball bat.

Toby was reported stolen last week, but over the weekend he turned up dead on the family’s front lawn.

“Devastated, absolutely devastated that someone can do something so horrendous, not just because he was a special pet to us, but just an animal in general, someone could be so disheartening,” Nolan said.

Nolan says it has been one of the worst weeks of her life.

Last Tuesday, witnesses said her daughter’s 3-year-old service dog Toby, an American Bull Terrier, was taken from her front yard and put in a car that drove off. Toby was trained to keep an eye on Nolan’s 9-year-old autistic daughter Allie.

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My Commentary: Shocked… Numb…

Corrupt Government Monopoly on Civil Services Results in Firefighters Letting Home Burn Down

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2010-10-06 - Corrupt Government Monopoly on Civil Services Results in Firefighters Letting Home Burn Down

GenaireFirefighters Watch As Tennesee Home Burns To The Ground:

Raheem G.: nope… its called the free rider effect, we’re learning this in intro to pol. right now. the law requires people to pay the fee, but people dnt pay, thinkin that it will get taken care of anyway. they learned the hard way. they had the choice to pay they chose not too… their loss.

Raheem G.they were following orders man, give em a break.

Genaire: So if you are behind on luck due to this engineered economic crisis and are without a job it’s ok to just be homeless now?

Rayn: This whole unnecessary situation was created by the strangle-hold monopoly that our local governments maintain over almost all of our civil services nowadays. Too bad there isn’t a REAL FREE MARKET with REAL FREE CHOICE. If there was, some business savy person (or even one dedicated to helping others) would formulate healthy competition to the government-based solution, even by offering a DIFFERENT VERSION of the SAME SERVICE – perhaps a “PAY-PER-USE” version. And, if you think that forms of INDEPENDENCE from governmental oversight sounds impossible, then take a history lesson, because that is exactly how we lived BEFORE our government began ENCROACHING upon our FREEDOMS!

Honestly, with all of the economic issues America is facing right now, if the elected officials in this Tennesse town were intelligent, they would simply charge an INDIVIDUAL RATE to those not interested in subscribing to (or can’t afford) what is, by all technical definitions, a “fire insurance plan” for $75 a year. Why does the State’s SINGLE-OPTION MONOPOLY go UNQUESTIONED as somehow “good” or “necessary”? Choose to pay or get nothing? HOW EXACTLY IS THAT CHOICE!? Obviously, what is at work here is NOT CAPITALISM, but instead, TYRANNICAL STATE-SANCTIONED CORPORATISM (also known as FASCISM)!

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