Discussing Heinous Crime Committed Against Service Dog of Autistic Child

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Heinous Crime Committed Against Service Dog of Autistic Child“…

Allie Nolan, and her service dog, Toby

Rayn: Shocked… Numb…

Autistic Child’s Service Dog Kidnapped, Beaten, Killed, Then Tossed in Family’s Front Yard:

Samantha P.: That is just terrible! Poor dog, poor girl, poor family! I hope they find the person who did this and punish them! Absolutely disgusting!

Stacie T.: My stomach is knotted. I am ashamed to be of the same species as the monsters who did this. If anyone ever hurt my girls, I’d want them torn to shreds.

Jessica O.: People are sick. Disgusting.

Sara: Wow, our society is just going to hell. What a deplorable, disgusting, piece of shit to do something like that. I wish I could find the person who did it, take a bat to their jaw and throw them in a river. Ugh!

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