Foolish Pale-Face, Elizabeth Warren…

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Foolish pale-face, Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test is ‘Useless,’ ‘Inappropriate and Wrong’ Cherokee Nation Official Says:

(Juliana Rose Pignataro) After Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test to determine if she had Native American ancestry, a Cherokee Nation official responded, calling such a test “useless.” In a statement, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. said the test was “not evidence for tribal affiliation.”

Warren released a DNA test on Monday showing that while the vast majority of her ancestry was European, there was “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry, “likely in the range of six to 10 generations ago.”

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My Commentary: Foolish pale-face…

Americans Vote Taco Bell as Best Mexican Restaurant in Country

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Taco Bell Voted Best Mexican Restaurant in the Country:

The Harris Poll, a nationwide customer survey of their favorite brands, has released its 2018 results.

The poll surveyed more than 77,000 customers in the U.S. on more than 3,000 brands to find which companies are the favorites among consumers.

Respondents weighed in on everything from printers to pizza, and the results are surprising. Here are some of consumers’ top choices.

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My Commentary: ???

The Depraved Culture Behind the Unaccountable Institutions Guiding American Government’s Foreign Policy

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Liberty Outlook,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“One need only look at old US government plans for legitimizing an invasion of Cuba in the 1960s, casually discussing the possibility of the ‘real or simulated’ sinking of a boatload of Cubans the way normal people discuss whether to buy whole milk or skim, to get a feel for just how depraved the culture of these institutions is. We know that the United States has participated in deceptions which ended up costing millions of lives for which nobody suffered any consequence, like how they used a nonexistent attack to manufacture support for the Vietnam War, or the false ‘babies in incubators’ Nayirah testimony to manufacture support for the Gulf War, or the mountain of lies and manipulations used to manufacture consent for the Iraq invasion, all the way back to the sinking of the USS Maine. Combine this know willingness to deceive and manipulate in order to implement longstanding military agendas of human butchery with the fact that the US has powerful allies who are more than willing to get their hands dirty, like the opaque and unaccountable monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Israel’s murderous Mossad, and there’s every reason to believe that the US-centralized empire would not only pounce on an opportunity to exploit a false flag by a terrorist faction, but actively facilitate one.”

My Commentary: Discover “just how depraved the culture of the institution” of American government is…

Revisiting America’s Final Solution to the Native American ‘Problem’

As I scrolled through my Facebook memories, I discovered the following artwork, which I originally shared to my wall in November of 2009, in my post, “America’s Final Solution to the Native American ‘Problem’,” and decidedly re-shared it, along with a new commentary…

Final Solution:

My Original Commentary: “Tear the children from their people, then commence the massacre in its totality!”

Watching this video chokes me up. The American government truly engaged in one of the most successful acts of genocide in the history of mankind.

This video reveals the 11 steps that the US government took to destroy Indigenous culture:

1. Slash their hair
2. Strip their clothing
3. Ban their language
4. Abolish their very names
5. Regiment all movement
6. Promulgate the ideology of the whites
7. Terrorize and torture them
8. Rape them
9. Starve them
10. Work them at forced labor
11. Sicken them unto death

My New Commentary: And, make no mistake! This is still happening, even today!

Here are more recent examples of State schools continuing to actively destroy Indigenous culture:

Native American Kindergartner Sent Home on First Day to Cut Hair:

Native American Boy Pulled from Class Over Mohawk Haircut:

Accept Hollywood White-Wash of History as Inconsequential, or Expose it as Dangerous?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family, after they shared graphic art from here


"Gods of Egypt: Boycott this movie. Don't allow your children to watch this. This is a disrespect to you and your ancestors. Please share."

“Gods of Egypt: Boycott this movie. Don’t allow your children to watch this. This is a disrespect to you and your ancestors. Please share.”

Mike S.: What’s so bad about it?

Genaire: Ancient Egyptians were darker skinned. Not until they started dealing with the Greeks did they start to lighten up.

Zayvier B.: But we (blacks as a culture) took Annie, rewrote her black, and cheered. But if Egyptian Gods are played by inaccurate actors, it becomes an issue? I mean, honestly the Egyptian Gods didn’t have human forms, they were always Animals or Animal heads in human bodies, so why would it matter?

Genaire: The difference being, Zayvier, most children believe that this an accurate portrayal. Every movie detailing that region is portrayed inaccurately by design. If the powers that be could they would paint the whole world white.

Rayn: I actually have never seen a movie about ancient Israel or ancient Egypt that has been portrayed accurately. You look at Israel now and you would swear that the Europeans that are currently occupying that land are native to that region.

RaynZayvier, Little Orphan Annie is a work of pure fiction, based upon an almost century-old American comic strip. Ethnicity is completely irrelevant to the plot of the strip – only  Annie’s status as a poor, penniless orphan progresses the story-line, along with her signature mop of curly red hair. Meanwhile, Americans aren’t actually made up of just a single ethnic group, so that further makes ethnicity irrelevant to the story. Finally, there have already been many Annie movies made throughout the decades, with pale-skinned actresses all cast as the lead, so the originally-presented skin tone of Annie is well-established.

On the other hand, Gods of Egypt is a film about ancient Egyptian culture, and more specifically, ancient Egyptian royalty, ancient Egyptian deities, and ancient Egyptian citizens. Meanwhile, the cast is predominantly filled by pale-skinned Europeans, and the mortal hero of the movie, Bek, even had his hair DYED BLONDISH, for the role:

(Original photo located here)

(Original photo located here)

There are many who consider this to be yet ANOTHER round of “Hollywood white-washing” of Ancient Egyptian history:

Gods of Egypt – Racial and Ethnic Cleansing:

Hollywood has consistently treated Ancient Egyptian, and also Ancient Hebrew, culture to this sort of white-washing for at least half a century. (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)