Revisiting America’s Final Solution to the Native American ‘Problem’

As I scrolled through my Facebook memories, I discovered the following artwork, which I originally shared to my wall in November of 2009, in my post, “America’s Final Solution to the Native American ‘Problem’,” and decidedly re-shared it, along with a new commentary…

Final Solution:

My Original Commentary: “Tear the children from their people, then commence the massacre in its totality!”

Watching this video chokes me up. The American government truly engaged in one of the most successful acts of genocide in the history of mankind.

This video reveals the 11 steps that the US government took to destroy Indigenous culture:

1. Slash their hair
2. Strip their clothing
3. Ban their language
4. Abolish their very names
5. Regiment all movement
6. Promulgate the ideology of the whites
7. Terrorize and torture them
8. Rape them
9. Starve them
10. Work them at forced labor
11. Sicken them unto death

My New Commentary: And, make no mistake! This is still happening, even today!

Here are more recent examples of State schools continuing to actively destroy Indigenous culture:

Native American Kindergartner Sent Home on First Day to Cut Hair:

Native American Boy Pulled from Class Over Mohawk Haircut:

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