Discussion on Tobacco and Cigarettes

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall

Shredded tobacco and mint leaves

Shredded tobacco and mint leaves

Earlene E.: Rayn, I heard it through the grapevine that one of the ingredients in cigarettes is whales vomit.

RaynDon’t forget about the ARSENIC (rat poison), CYANIDE, FORMALDEHYDE (embalming fluid), AMMONIA, ACETONE (nail polish remover), and about 586 other chemicals that were approved by the FDA for use in cigarettes, including “fragrances,” in an effort to lure non-smokers into their death-trap. Of course, not all brands carry these toxic ingredients, of course, but the vast majority do.

I’m not sure if you remember, but I actually used to work for the New York City Department of Health’s “Youth Tobacco Cessation Unit.” The FDA is responsible for this fiasco because they have deemed cigarettes to be neither a “food” or a “drug,” and therefore, there is no real end to what can make its way into a typical pack of cigarettes.

Check out some of the facts here:

Harmful Chemicals in Cigarettes:

Another interesting fact: 90% of all smokers started before the age of 18! (There is a reason for this, too.)

Here’s something else: inhalation of tobacco smoke affects the brain in a very similar way as so-called “anti-depressant” and “anti-anxiety” drugs do. However, besides being much more quick-acting (seconds vs. weeks) cigarettes are hundreds of times less likely to induce suicide, or homicide. In some ways, they can be considered a form of “self-medication,” or even the “poor man’s” anti-anxiety-depressant. (By the way, did you know that almost every single person that has “gone postal” and tried to massacre innocent people was on some form of anti-depressant? Hmmm… I wonder if there is a connection?). Anyways, read these articles to understand:

Brain’s Nicotine Receptors Also Target For Anti-Depressants:

Cigarettes Can be an Anti-Depressant:

Cigarettes wouldn’t be nearly as bad for people if companies did not insert all kinds of poisonous additives inside of them in an effort to get consumers addicted to their particular BRAND OF POISON. Native Americans smoked tobacco out of peace-pipes (no filter), and did not succumb to nicotine addiction. They were pictures of health until America engaged in full on addiction-warfare against them using alcohol (not to mention bio-warfare with government issued smallpox blankets for Reservations.)

Personally, I don’t condone smoking at all, and I advise anyone against engaging in the activity based on EXPERIENCE as a smoker. But, if you are going to do it anyway, at least buy a brand that 100% ADDITIVE-FREE natural brands, like “Natural America Spirits” (who even remove tobacco stems, and only use whole leaf) or even “Nat Shermans”. Once you get used to either of these brands, you will soon notice that you have much less “BRAND LOYALTY.” You will feel satisfied by ANY 100% NATURAL BRAND you smoke! What this really means is that cigarette companies don’t want you “hooked” on tobacco or the natural nicotine that is within – they want you to crave their particular formula of toxic additives!

I picked up the habit of smoking at 11 years old, after my first year of living in the NYC shelter system. Four years later, I was finally living in a real home, but still smoking. After a while, I quit for two years, but stressful situations brought me right back. I also quit again for about six months, but again, went back. So, to lessen the damage to my health, I began exclusively smoking Natural American Spirits (and the occasional Nat Sherman). Though they took a few packs to get used to, I found them to be a much more enjoyable smoking experience than any of the well-known death-brands out there. Apparently, I never even knew what REAL TOBACCO tasted like because it was being adulterated with fake flavors and fragrances from the “manufacturer” to make it more palatable to CHILDREN – the main customer of most major brands! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

America Doesn’t Have Healthcare – Only Sick Care!

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall

"Sick Care vs. Health Care" (photo by RawforBeauty.com)

“Sick Care vs. Health Care” (photo by RawforBeauty.com)

Earlene E.: Hey, Rayn I’m on a mission: from 2/2/2010 to now, 14lbs lost :0)

Rayn: Congratulations, Earlene! I’m very happy for you!

Earlene E.: Thanks Rayn. I have you to thank for encouraging me to eat healthier, thanks again.

Rayn: Thank you, Earlene.

Earlene E.: I have to take an updated pic of my self now

Rayn: I give all credit unto the Father. He provides for his own! I was thrilled when Genaire told me that you were doing well! You are now a living witness to the many failures of “western medicine,” starting with the patented poison therapies that these “doctors” peddle. They don’t deal in cures, only treatment. We don’t have “healthcare” in America – we only have “sickcare.” (For example: that is why doctors cannot legally say that oranges cure scurvy – because the FDA says that only a “drug” can cure a “disease.” Ha! This pathetic charade must be put to an end!) Look into Codex Alimentarius, and you will see what the real End Game agenda is for the soulless, parasitic governments and corporations of the world!!! They would like to classify all vitamins and minerals as “drugs,” remove them from all foods, then provide them to us through a doctor’s prescription only after we become sick from malnutrition! So far, through the diligent efforts of just a FEW of the many countries who signed onto this monstrously evil idea, the sick, twisted sadistic fantasies of the COWARDS-THAT-BE have not been realized! And, the World Health Organization admits that at least 3 billion will die if and when this beast is made legal! As far as I’m concerned, I could care less if it actually happens or not, as it is THE THOUGHT THAT ALWAYS COUNTS! This is our tax dollars at work, no matter how you flip the coin! Check this article, and you can see what is being planned without our consent or authorization:

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection

Codex Threatens Health of Billions

Earlene E.Wow. One thing I don’t know if you’ve noticed. They have taken down plenty of grocery stores (A & P) and replaced them with Rite Aids. What is this? We are living off of pills as opposed to foods, when they should be replaced with whole food stores, instead.

Rayn: I haven’t been to the grocery store much at all lately due to transportation issues, but I agree with you. We shouldn’t have to scout for real food. Apparently, if you want food that is pesticide-free, hormone-free, toxin-free, and also non-irradiated and non-GMO, then you’re on your own… BUT, if you want to ingest PURE POISON, then: talk to your doctor about becoming a human lab-rat!

Discussing Interesting Banana Facts

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Two Interesting Little-Known Facts About Bananas“…

2010-02-25 - Discussing Interesting Banana Facts

RaynBenefit from the Natural Health of Bananas:

 It’s intriguing to discover that a banana is NOT EVEN A FRUIT, but an HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL! Thanx for the info, NaturalNews! Also, upon further research into the topic myself, I discovered that bananas DO NOT even grow on TREES, but on STALKS! Wow! (This may be meaningless for some, but I enjoy every opportunity available to UN-LEARN a LIE, then RE-LEARN the TRUTH!)

Jay L.: Very interesting

Rayn: Interesting, for sure! Become a fan of NaturalNews @http://www.facebook.com/HealthRanger to add their page posts to your Facebook feed!

Jay L.: 4sho

Charles C.: i knew about the stalk part but i didn’t know about the not being a fruit part. NOW I KNOW….. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE

Rayn: Yes! Skillz!

Andrea E.: But i’ve seen the trees… how is this possible? How can it not be a fruit? It’s so fruity!

Patricia M.: Bananas are a genetic fluke, that they discovered and started to cultivate. It’s the offspring of two different plants. All the banana’s today are grown from clones. They are not the best banana’s, those died off from an outbreak of something, in the 70’s. (I forget what) And the bananas today are the second best, and also under attack from the same thing. The article said that there is no other replacement banana for the really good tasting bananas we have today.

Rayn: To answer your questions, Andrea: Banana growths are considered “stalks” instead of “trees,” because they are green, not woody. To be more specific, bananas grow on what is called a “pseudostem,” which is made up of rolled bases of leaves, and resembles a tree, but technically is not. Check it out for yourself (under the “Botany” section):

Using the true biological definition, bananas are technically not considered ‘fruit” because they are not the developed solely from the ovary of a flowering seed plant, together with its seeds. Instead, a banana is called “epigynous berry,” because some of its flesh is not derived from the ovary, but from adjacent tissue. Because of this, it is also known as an “accessory fruit,” or a “false berry.” Check it out in the following articles:

However, when using the culinary definition, it is entirely accurate to call a banana a “fruit,” so there is no need to adjust your entire vocabulary for this one fact! 🙂

Also, thanx for the info, Patricia! If you can find the article you are referring to, post it here! I will be sure to read it!

Earlene E.: I’m loving your facts you’re putting out.

Rayn: Thank you, Earlene.

A Second Round of Feedback on a Live Street Recording of My Song, “America”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Last Prince…

(this is a continuation of a first discussion, which took place here)

Last Prince: 1. 2. 1. 2. !!!!! This Clip is a Classic. Rayn is a Rebel 2 be Reckoned with. She got some L’s 4yo azz, plus she goes N on the beatz 2!!!!! The funny thing is that this was recorded on the 4th of July, 2009!!!! She performed this joint @ the last N.N.S. Femcee Showcase and made a lot of 3rd Eyes Blink!!!! Hope she’s down to Rock the next one Jan. 2, 2010 @ The Coffee Cave!!!!! N E Way, B E Z!!!!!!!


1. 2.!!!!!!

“America” Live – Rayn:

(recorded by Last Prince in Newark, NJ)

Louis G.: Rayn drop it like it was hot!! and it was…

Last Prince: YezSir!!!! Automatically 1 of my Fav’s!!!!!

Louis G.: thats what it is…good fucking video!!

SaraRayn going hard! And dropping knowledge 🙂

Jimmy L.: freshness

Kala Z.: ew you so nasty! I can smell the funk off these pixels. Rayn do yo damn thang homie!

Rebekah P.: Rayn inspires me to be the higher me
She’s on fire, free and deals with reality
Nuff respect on the mic check Lady B
Speakin’ on it Naturally a TRUE MC!

Rayn: Thanx, everyone! Your words are much appreciated! Props to Last Prince for posting the raw, gritty underground flavor every day!

Two Interesting Little-Known Facts About Bananas

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

2010-02-25 - Two Interesting New Facts About Bananas

Benefit from the Natural Health of Bananas:

(NaturalNews) The banana that we eat with our morning cereal has been used as a medicine around the world for centuries. Known in Latin as Musa sapienta, the banana is not actually a fruit but an herbaceous perennial. Alone and combined with healing botanicals, the banana can be used to heal ulcers and asthma, or to cure cataracts and other eye problems. Research has now shown that bananas can lower blood pressure as well as prevent colon cancer. Full of many nutrients and fiber, the banana is not only a food, but also a potent medicine.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: It’s intriguing to discover that a banana is NOT EVEN A FRUIT, but an HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL! Thanx for the info, NaturalNews! Also, upon further research into the topic myself, I discovered that bananas DO NOT even grow on TREES, but on STALKS! Wow! (This may be meaningless for some, but I enjoy every opportunity available to UN-LEARN a LIE, then RE-LEARN the TRUTH!)