But, Without Government, Who Would Commit Armed Robbery Under Color of Law?

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Cops Are merely crooked criminals in costumes

Cops Are merely crooked criminals in costumes

Law Enforcement Took More Stuff from People Than Burglars Did Last Year:

(Washington PostChristopher Ingraham) Here’s an interesting factoid about contemporary policing: In 2014, for the first time ever, law enforcement officers took more property from American citizens than burglars did. Martin Armstrong pointed this out at his blog, Armstrong Economics, last week.

Officers can take cash and property from people without convicting or even charging them with a crime — yes, really! — through the highly controversial practice known as civil asset forfeiture. Last year, according to the Institute for Justice, the Treasury and Justice departments deposited more than $5 billion into their respective asset forfeiture funds. That same year, the FBI reports that burglary losses topped out at $3.5 billion.

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My Commentary: But, without government, who would commit armed robbery under color of law?