George Washington: American Revolutionary, or Slave-Mastering Eugenicist?

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

George Washington, the Slave-Master

George Washington, the Slave-Master

Larry Fox: Ah, Rayn, we became friends just in time to celebrate your birthday on the 22nd. Same birthday as my favorite president. How wonderful!

Rayn: Ha ha! No doubt! I take it George Washington must be your favorite president, then?

Larry Fox: Yes, absolutely. I could talk about him for hours. For now I will only make this one comment: He is the only man in history who led a successful revolutionary army who then turned his back on power. Not Cromwell in England, Caesar in Rome, Castro in Cuba, Napoleon in France and on and on. After he signed the peace with England he mounted his horse in New York and with a single aid rode to the temporary meeting place of the Continental Congress in Virginia. He walked in unannounced, placed his commission on the table, his sword, and without a word, turn and left for home in Mt. Vernon. For this alone I idolize him, and there is much more. I could go on but I fear I would put you to sleep. If I forget by Tuesday – Happy Birthday!

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