Short Review of an “Asperger Experts” Video

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Brooke N…

“Asperger Experts: Take it from us. We’ve LIVED it!”

Brooke N.: This is an interesting video and there are more where that came from. Rayn, what do you think?

This is What Really Overwhelms People with Asperger’s:

Rayn: Thanks for sharing, Brooke. It sound like Raede and Mears are describing Sensory defensiveness and emotional/Sensory overload. I definitely find myself stuck in a sort of sensory feedback loop mode, often, and agree that it’s very draining. It leaves me overwhelmed, and unable to communicate through speech as well as I am able to without such feelings.

Brooke N.: The physiological sensation element was very well described I thought.

Rayn: No doubt. 🙂