A Little Moral Consistency, Please?

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Bush administration torture memo author, John Yoo

John Yoo Thinks Presidents Can Legally Torture Children. Even He Has “Grave Concerns” About Donald Trump:

(Jon SchwarzIN A NEW YORK TIMES op-ed today, John Yoo wrote the following words: “even I have grave concerns about Mr. Trump’s uses of presidential power.”

That should get your attention, since Yoo, a fancy law professor at Berkeley, is best known for authoring much of the legal advice claiming the U.S. could legally engage in torture when he served in George W. Bush’s Justice Department.

In fact, Yoo believed this so fervently that in 2005 he said that a president can torture children if necessary, and there’s nothing that Congress or international law can do to stop him.

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My Commentary: For those of us logically-and-morally-consistent enough for unbiased, independent, critical thinking, this has been a severe problem, provoking vocal outrage and protest, from Bush, to Obama, and on to Trump. For the lemmings among us… “Go Team Red (or Blue)!” “The other guy did it, too (or first)!”

Yes… Rest assured that those innocent human beings indefinitely detained at Guantanamo Bay, for years, without a trial, or any legitimate proof of guilt, while being tortured, sexually-abused, force-fed, and even murdered, all in your name, and with your tax dollars, take solace in the merits of your stellar reasoning. They glady embrace their complete lack of due process, and are eternally grateful for the American brand of “justice” you defend (or accept)…