Eight-Month Pregnant Woman Wrongly Accused and Arrested in the Name of the “War on Drugs”

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Wrongly accused victim of police and courts, Ashley Brown

Mistaken Identity? Woman Says She Was Wrongly Accused, Arrested:

(Isabelle Chapman) Ashley Brown was eight months pregnant when she was arrested on drug charges last November for a case in which her only real crime may have been having a very common name.

Brown said she pulled into the driveway of her mother’s Rittman home and was closely followed by two cars from the Rittman Police Department.

“I got out and one of them walked up to me and said, ‘we have a warrant for your arrest,’ and I thought that they were joking,” said Brown.

“I thought that it was for an unpaid parking ticket and he said, ‘no ma’am, it’s for dangerous drugs,’ and I lost it,” said Brown.

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My Commentary: Read the details of this story very carefully. Then, imagine yourself peacefully coexisting with the rest of humanity, only to be suddenly abducted by armed thugs, falsely accused, and falsely imprisoned, all while eight months pregnant, simply because you happen to share the same first name with a suspect who drove her car to a police-surveilled drug deal, and the State has decided that they have just cause to pursue you as a criminal based upon this this SINGLE FACT, alone…

Ashley Brown had no criminal record, and a solid alibi for the day in question. However, according to the article, “for eight grueling months following her arrest, Brown said she was required to make daily status phone calls and subject herself to random drug tests twice a week at her own expense.

Ultimately, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against her.

Brown said she felt embarrassed to have to go through what she did, especially when she was pregnant and she feels she is entitled to an apology.

‘I hope this never happens to anybody, and I hope they do their research better before they go to try to convict somebody of something they didn’t do,’ said Brown.”