Praise Yah for Freedom and Liberty!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

Marilyn W.: SELF ASSESSMENT: I ask myself, and myself asks, “Why do you POST, LIKE, & MAKE so many comments on FB?” So the 3 of us (ME, MYSELF & I) met. This is what we came up with at our board meeting. Seeds of hope are being planted when we sow positively into the lives of others. Lives can, will, shall be changed when you use the Word of YAH (GOD) The Most High. Keep PUSHing the TRUTH & many shall be set FREE. OH! The smell of FREEDOM, there’s NOTHING like it!!! “And they praised the God (YAH) of their fathers, cause HE had given them FREEDOM & LIBERTY. ” –Genesis 4:62

Marilyn W.

Marilyn W.: Hang-up me with my FB Friends!

Rayn: Selah.

Marilyn W.: Rayn, in other words: Pause and THINK about that! Meditate on this tidbit…