Super PAC Looking for a Few Good Shills to Defend Democratic Presidential Candidate, and Corporate Whore, Hillary Clinton

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Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton

A Clinton Super PAC Just Admitted That Pro-Hillary Commenters Are Paid Shills:

() Despite Hillary Clinton’s consultants’ best efforts to make her seem relatable, or even palatable, a plurality of Democrats – and majority of Americans – simply can’t stand her. Look no further than the nearest comment section on news sites covering her campaign. There are always comments about Hillary’s pro-war voting record, her willingness to take big money from Wall Street, and her frequently late-to-the-party stances on social issues. The facts are out in the open for everyone to see and it’s taking quite a toll on the Clinton campaign. As a result, one of Hillary Clinton’s Super-PACs has pledged $1 million to pay for pro-Hillary commenters to respond. That means the next time you see a pro-Hillary commenter there’s a good chance they’re actually a paid shill.

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My Commentary: Super PAC looking for a few good shills, willing to help defend their favorite corporate whore…