Violent Pro-Mubarak Cavalry Are Actually Police Officers

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Violent Pro-Mubarak Cavalry Attack Peaceful Protesters

Violent Pro-Mubarak Cavalry Attack Peaceful Protesters

Busted: Pro-Mubarak Thugs Are Police Officers:

(  It should surprise no one that some if not all of the violent pro-Mubarak forces are plain clothes police officers.

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My Commentary: Yesterday, US-funded puppet, Mubarak, bussed large packs of armed thugs into Cairo, who began a vicious campaign of murderous brutality against unarmed protesters, resulting in the loss of at least 5 human lives. Of course, Mubarak was only making good on the public threat that he had issued to the people of Egypt one day prior.

Mubarak Says Egyptians Have to Choose Between “Chaos” and Him … Then Sends In His Thugs to Stir Up Chaos (Feb 1):

Looters Included Undercover Egyptian Police, Hospitals Tell Human Rights Watch (Feb 1):

What makes this all sickeningly ironic is the fact that the current protests taking place in Egypt began as a protest against the beating death of Khaled Said by Egyptian police officers, sparked by the sucessful protests against dictatorship in  Tunisian . This article was written three days before the Jan 25 protests in Egypt:

“We Are All Khaled Said”: Will the Revolution Come to Egypt?

Here is the website of the protest organizers:

We Are All Khaled Said: