The Parasitic Pathocracy Inherent to Statism

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following photo being shared by an acquaintance, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

My Commentary: Behold! The parasitic pathocracy inherent to Statism, laid bare. The next inevitable stop on the BROAD ROAD of destruction: DEMOCIDE!

When will the children of the Nations finally reject the fallacious, man-made idol of unsustainable greed called government that they were born into? How much longer will these soulless corporations, crafted by the hands of the 1%, dictate the order of humanity and life on Earth?

Skynet has been “alive,” in a sluggish, obsolete analog form, for millennia. We are currently witnessing the digital evolution of government into a “real-time” abominable AI Beast system that will quickly calculate all of humanity, including the 1%, as “non-essential,” then destroy us all.

It was almost a century ago that IBM collaborated with the Nazis, and the two worked together in Auschwitz, using the company’s analog to electronic card-punch tabulation machines to “process prisoners”. And, after all of Hitler’s grisly experiments and all of the millions of victims he cremated, to destroy the evidence of his crimes against humanity, after the war ended, IBM and the Nazi scientist, Konrad Zeus, conveniently walked away from WWII with a shared patent to the very first computer.

Never Hate on IBM, or Hold the Company Accountable for their Crimes?

Would it surprise anyone to learn that all of the technology of the last century was built upon human sacrifice and non-consensual human experimentation?

Meanwhile, the US secretly protected Nazis, and gave them new identities to keep “researching” all manners of evil, in South America, under Operation Paperclip. Joseph Mengele became an abortionist in Argentina, where he was allowed to continue implementing his talent for butchering and exterminating the poor, as well as satisfying his desire to harvest more live human victims for the immoral “medical research” he was doing. NASA was also conveniently packed with ex-Nazis, when it was created. The Third Reich never died. It was INCORPORATED into the BODY OF HASHATAN.

Let those with eyes SEE!

IBM Helps Bring Supercomputers Into the Global Fight Against COVID-19:

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