Historically-Illiterate Masses Are Highly-Susceptible to Democide

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall after I posted artwork from here


“The horrific truth is… if people were told to get into the boxcars to be takento the ‘virus protection camps, many of them would rush to get in line”

Patrick F.: Wow. So being told wearing a mask can help keep people who are at-risk safer is similar to being carted off to Auschwitz willingly?

Is this a joke?

Rayn: Cool inquiry, bro! However, the “if” in the sentence indicates a “conditional clause.” “Simile” typically involves a “like” or an “as.”


Rayn: The original post I shared was intended to illustrate just how susceptible the average Statist is to “democide.” The cattle car reference, within, was meant to highlight the historical illiteracy required to place blind trust and faith in extreme, oppressive, dangerous government-sponsored “solutions,” based in the pseudo-science of their paid “experts.” What might seem like “hyperbole,” on the surface of the reference, is really “paradox.”

“Democide: if you support government, you’ve probably never heard of this.”

Thomas R.: But your “if” will not occur. So this post has absolutely to do with nothing. I can come up with more plausible what “ifs” than this. How many you ask, ALL OF THEM!

Patrick F.: “Dangerous government-sponsored “solutions”

So wearing a mask is equal to being a sheep who would hop on a cart to Auschwitz if the govt told them to..

Can’t say I follow that logic.

Wear a mask. It’s not to protect yourself, it’s to protect other people who are at risk.. not some elaborate pseudo science conspiracy to keep people in the herd.

You must love Alex Jones.

Rayn: Patrick, the ill logic you can’t follow is a strawman, of your own design. I made no mention of masks, nor was that subject mentioned in the graphic I shared. Your determination to misrepresent my position makes for amusing reading, though. 😸

Alex Jones is cointelpro, and an admitted actor. You must love force-fitting strangers into the broken collectivist political narrative you follow after. But, I’m well beyond the reach of your pre-packaged, cookie-cutter claims, as I’m not a duopoly-duped lemming. No matter how many masks you wear, bro, I can still see right through you.

The Mask – The Fugees:

Thomas R: what if the landing gear fell off an airplane and crushed my skull you lose you fuck]

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