Exposing the Ill Logic of Pro-Mask Minions Spreading Corporate Pseudo-$cience

The following debate originally took place upon my post, “The $cience Is $ettled… On Side-Stepping the Scientific Method“…

Rayn: “The science is settled. No need to apply the scientific method.”


Patrick F.: “Breitbart News”

Nothing more legit.


“Your fallacy is genetic”

Rayn: The Breitbart article links a Bloomberg QuickTake News YouTube video, showing Dr. Fauci, stating “I would not want to do a randomized controlled study,” after he is asked about it by a Georgetown University student. It begins at the 27 minute mark:

A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci at Georgetown University:

And, here’s the original Breitbart article:

Dr. Anthony Fauci Opposes Controlled Study on Effectiveness of Masks:

Patrick F.: Seems like you suffer greatly.


😂 😆

Patrick F.: Get your facts straight. Even a minute into that part, he clearly states:

“I would not want to do a randomized control study, because that would be having people NOT wear masks and see if they do better”

Which they would not.

“The benefit of wearing a mask is clearly there”

Do you even watch the stuff you post? Your claims are beyond farfetched and akin to that of an “infowarrior” (some of the looniest Karen’s on the planet)

I’m done here. This is just sad. Good luck on your crusade in showing the world what willing sheep they are, who would even hop on a cart to Auschwitz!

Just wow.

Patrick F.: One more you fall under (just for fun)

Patrick F.: Did they create this site just for your arrogant hypocrisy? You fit the mold, but you’ll never see it.

Don’t worry, others can

Rayn: 😹 Thanks for admitting that Fauci said, “I would not want to do a randomized control study” on the efficacy of wearing masks, in regards to the spread of COVID-19. His so-called “reasoning” as to “why” doesn’t change that fact, genius. Learn how to read the news.

Oh, and being called a “Karen” by the bootleg, wannabe Ras Trent is hilarious! Bo! Keep the comedy coming, stylee dread! Your lily-white ass went to River Dell HS in the 90%+ white community of Oradell, NJ, where you were born, and raised. Rest assured that if you stepped foot in my high school, in Brooklyn, you would get rolled out of Crown Heights in a fucking garbage can!

Ras Trent (SNL Skit):

Rayn: Seems like you enjoy eating crow, Ras Foley. 

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

Patrick F.: Lol. You are a laughably low and utter hypocritical fool.. another Karen thinking they are “woke”.

Done with this post. Done with your clinical insanity.

“YeR fAlLaCY iS DeRpPppPp” 😂😆😂

Rayn: You called me “Karen,” so I called you “Ras Trent.” It’s called “cause and effect,” or did you not learn that in your government education camp? Just bc glad that I was kind enough to wait until *after* I shut down your genetic fallacy to respond to your personal attacks against me, you pathologically pathetic poser. 😹

“Are You There, Jah? It’s me, Ras Trent.”

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