But, Without Government, Who Would Purposely Congest the Roads to Extort More Tax Dollars from Local Residents?

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South Florida traffic

South Florida traffic

Report: South Florida Officials to Make Drivers ‘Suffer’:

(Jeff Tavss) If getting stuck in South Florida traffic doesn’t make your blood boil, learning that public officials are behind it all will do the trick.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that officials are hoping that traffic becomes so bad that commuters will eventually ditch their cars to walk, ride a bus or take a train to wherever they need to go.

And the report says the officials are completely aware of driver frustration.

“Until you make it so painful that people want to come out of their cars, they’re not going to come out of their cars,” the newspaper says Anne Castro, chair of the Broward County Planning Council, said during a meeting last year. “We’re going to make them suffer first, and then we’re going to figure out ways to move them after that because they’re going to scream at us to help them move.”

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My Commentary: But… MUH Roadssss. 😥

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