Debating Police Brutality Against Non-Combative Student Inside Baltimore High School

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “School Police Officer Repeated Slaps, Then Kicks, 16-Year-Old Student While Partner Stands By, Watching“…

Rayn: Fuck the police.

School Police Officer Repeated Slaps, Then Kicks, 16-Year-Old Student While Partner Stands By, Watching:

Greg C.: It takes insanity to police insanity…

Rayn: It takes the insane to justify the beating of children.

Greg C.: One slap yes…not 5 but its insanity no doubt.

Genaire: Adults, especially adults in a position of authority, should not hit children. When the parents of this child retaliates with justified violence then they should not be looked upon as the villain.

GenaireNow the taxes of the community will undoubtedly increase due to the issuing lawsuit.

Greg C.: Im wondering what the kid did. It had to be something to bring out such a reaction. I find it really filled with hypocrisy that just a short time ago HBO had “The Wire” on and it was an identical and absolute realistic representation of Baltimores aggressive policing against the drug trade. NOBODY SAID ANYTHING, THEY SAW IT AND THEY BOUGHT IT, with praise and now (politicians) are saying “No, No – This isnt right”

Rayn: Why not wonder how many other victims the cop has done this to before?

Greg C.: Its not guaranteed the kid will win a law suit. You notice the cops werent fired?

Greg C.: Prob does it everyday Rayn…guy needs a vacation in the Bahamas

Greg C.: He slapped him with force, full hand shots like my mother used to give out.

Genaire: Nothing on television even the documentaries are a “realistic representation” of any of the events that take place in real world.

Greg C.: Have you ever seen The Wire, won a Peabody Award and a lot of others. Check it out.

Greg C.: It has real police in it…

Genaire: The cops generally aren’t fired. That’s the problem with our judicial system but they do however lose in civil court.

Greg C.: Check out this video I shared on my page where they interrogate Byrd. Tell me if you think it was fair or unfair…

The Wire – Bird is Interrogation, Bunk Meets Omar:

RaynBaltimore Police Charged After Viral Video Showed Cop Slapping and Kicking Teen:

Genaire: I’ve seen and grew up in the South Bronx met many of the real players in the real drug game to hell with the Wire.

Greg C.: I concede… B-more is off the hook.

Rayn: According to the article, “Both officers were charged with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. Spence, who is seen on the video as the main assailant, was also charged with second-degree child abuse.

A witness told investigators that Bias egged on the attack and told Spence: ‘You need to smack him because he’s got too much mouth,’ according to the Baltimore Sun, citing charging documents.”

Greg C.: Baltimore is quite different than the Bronx. It has its own feel. Its a city made up of squares. Everything is low rise now. All the towers are down. If you really want to know about Baltimore and just Baltimore from the politics to the streets I reccomend watching it. If you dont want to learn about Baltimore dont watch it I guess. Ive been to Hunts Point Ave and Charles St. in Baltimore. Baltimore is in waaaay worse economic shape.

Rayn: Even the police chief was put on leave after this incident…

Baltimore School Cops, Chief Put on Leave After Teen Kicked, Slapped on Video:

Genaire: I’m not going to base my opinion of a community especial a community of black people based on a television show. The media has habit of making black people out to be monsters.

Greg C.: Rayn, blame Stephanie Rawlings-Blake…after all its only property and shes like fuck it. Let those kids whack my officers with bricks. Im not telling them shit. Weak leader…

Rayn: This student did not throw bricks at the pigs. And, I definitely blame the pigs for brutalizing him.

Greg C.: Genaire, I went down to Baltimore to see the city myself. The day after I came back the Trade Centers came down. The Wire wasn’t yesterday but it really put Baltimore Dead center in everyones radar. They couldn’t believe the Homicide counts, they put a glare on how city police used to “juke” the stats. It didn’t always portray its officers in a good light. It raised many issues and social arguments that haven’t been corrected yet to this day. To Rayn, good cops and bad ones everywhere. Some good ones are over strained and wound too tight like this guy here. No, he shouldnt have slapped him but he did. Now we’ll here about whats going to happen next.

Greg C.: I was reffering to the riots…no the kid didnt throw any bricks.

Genaire: Did you see people get robbed? Were you robbed yourself or did you see the scary black people and based your opinion on that?

Greg C.: Its on them and theyre wearing it. Since the city didnt convict on Freddie Gray Im sure they want to body slam a few cops and this guy looks like hes the one…

Greg C.: I wasnt robbed, didnt go there to see “scary” black people. Im not scared of black people and Ive never gotten my ass beat by any of them including everytime I copped dope on Jerome Ave or delivered food to Hunts point ave. Im crippled, not a fucking coward. I wasnt always crippled you know.

Genaire: I want to body slam some cops that doesn’t mean I’m doing it? Pure speculation on your part.

Genaire: I know you weren’t robbed and I wouldn’t presume to call you a coward. I’m just pointing out that you really have no real first hand experience to base your opinion off of.

Greg C.: Actually I do, I went there. Spent 5 days seeing parts of the city. I cant give a report about how the dope was there. I quit in 98.

Genaire: I’m not talking about the drug scene I’m specifically referring to violent crime. Drugs can be obtained anywhere.

Greg C.: I can tell you its much, much worse than Newark. Newark I know quite well. Its got nothing on B-More when it comes down to how violent the town is in general.

Genaire: Baltimore has a population of 622,104 where as Newark only has a population of 278,427. Of course their would be higher crime rate.

Greg C.: crimes per capita is the stat you want to look at.

Genaire: Now considering their is more than double the amount of people the violent crime rate is similar. The crime rate in Newark being 1,078 whereas the violent crime rate in Baltimore is 1338.5

Greg C.: They had community policing on The Wire…a 1 man force called Omar. Held the whole city in check,

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