Your Conscience is Clean, America! Obama is Only Dropping “Peace” Bombs on the Middle-East and Africa!

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Barack Obama continues and escalates America's timeless legacy of endless wars

Barack Obama continues and escalates America’s timeless legacy of endless wars

Obama Has Bombed Twice as Many Countries as Bush:

() Every President changes significantly once they’re elected and actually in the White House. It happened to small government conservative George Bush who made speeches about cutting government and a restrained foreign policy in the 90’s. He turned out to be one of the biggest government Republicans in decades by creating new departments, expanding Medicare, starting two wars, and bombing two other countries. His small government beliefs completely evaporated by the time he left office.

Then Barack Obama was elected because of his campaign of hope and change. He won because he ran against the wars and against the big government security state. But, just like Bush, he changed his tune once in office. Obama kept the Iraq War going exactly as long as Bush wanted him to. He followed the timetable that Bush had negotiated to the letter. Obama actually changed Bush’s plan for the Afghanistan War though, by extending it. Obama has promised to keep troops there until 2016, which is two years longer than Bush had originally planned.

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My Commentary: Don’t worry. They were “peace” bombs, so y’all haven’t *really* been supporting a women-and-children-murdering sociopath, committing crimes against humanity for eight solid years. Oh, no. Only Bush is guilty, and Obama merely “inherited” his mess. Your conscience is clean. 🙂

Obama-Led Drone Strikes Kill Innocents 90% of the Time in Afghanistan, in Just a Single Five-Month Campaign:

Whoops! Ignore the article above. It’s irrelevant.

Instead, focus on what’s really important! Continue posting those stats “proving” that Obama has been “saving” the economy… you fucking lizards…

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