Discussing State of Colorado’s Recent “Allowance” of Their Serfs to Collect Small Amount Rain Water

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “After Over a Century of Tyranny, State of Colorado Finally “Allows” Their Serfs to Collect a Small Amount of Rain Water“…


Rayn: Thanks, Big Gov! Without your generous gift of water, humanity would have been doomed to extinction long ago!

New Law Allowing Colorado Households to Collect Water in Rain Barrels Takes Effect Wednesday:

Rebekah P.: Rayn, barrel these greedy control freaks

Marilyn M.: i don’t get the gripe. i have one & i use it instead of being water greedy by wasting the water from the aquifer.

Rayn: Since the 1850s, the Great State of Colorado has claimed full possession of the territory’s rainwater, making all private collection “illegal.” Finally, the serfs fought back against these tyrannical “rules,” and their masters responded by “allowing” them the ability to keep up to two barrels, totaling 110 gals, on their property for rain water collection.

Rebekah P.: Show US your barrels, please.


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