Disobedience and Super-Obedience are Two Major Weapons in the War Against Injustice

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How Denmark Fought the Nazi Terror:

(Marco den Ouden) Once there was a political leader with a wild hairdo and a powerful speaking style who had a knack for haranguing an audience. He preyed on their fears and blamed the country’s woes on outsiders and a phalanx of enemies within. Enemies of a certain religion that he declared dangerous. These people, he averred should be rounded up and deported.

I am speaking, of course, of Adolf Hitler. Later he decided deporting Jews to Madagascar was not efficient enough. Better to just kill them off. He marched his armies into other European countries and set up puppet governments. And he ordered that the Jews in these occupied countries be deported to the extermination camps in Germany and Poland.

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My Commentary: Denmark represents “the only case we know of in which the Nazis met with open native resistance, and the result seems to have been that those exposed to it changed their minds. They themselves apparently no longer looked upon the extermination of a whole people as a matter of course. They had met with resistance based on principle, and their ‘toughness’ had melted like butter in the sun, they had even been able to show a few timid beginnings of genuine courage.”

Hint: They passively resisted the Third Reich, refusing to consent with, or carry out, any immoral Nazi decrees handed down to them, while they also offered super-obedience, too, refusing the Nazi yellow star identification system unless implemented nationwide, and starting with the King, himself – which successfully prevented it from taking hold. They completely disobeyed the Nazi decree that native Jews be distinguished from refugee Jew, even Finally, every citizen was ready and willing to hide Jewish people inside their homes to keep them safe.

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