Discussing Hypocritical Western Victimhood Culture’s Positive Reaction to Mockumentary, “No Men Beyond This Point”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Hypocritical Western Victimhood Culture Reacts Positively to Mockumentary, ‘No Men Beyond This Point’“…

Rayn“No Men Beyond This Point” Trailer:

Hmmm… How about some similarly-themed, and purportedly “wry-humored” films, like “No Women Beyond This Point,” “No Whites Beyond This Point,” “No Jews Beyond This Point,” “No Disabled Beyond This Point,” or “No Blacks Beyond This Point,” etc. Would such mockumentaries ever even be premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, like this one was? Would audiences respond by thinking, “what a premise!,” as this trailer suggests? Would those who negative react be considered “oh-so-sensitive” and labelled as having “fragile egos,” like this trailer also suggests?

Social Justice Warriors and feminist, alike, who just so happen to be prominent members of victimhood culture, and appear perpetually “triggered” by anything that can even remotely be seen as “offensive,” including comedy and satire, are, of course… eagerly embracing this film, and it’s premise? Hypocritical much? Doublethink much? *facepalm* Ironically, they fail to realize that this mockumentary is actually critical of the concept that female-dominated society will lead to utopia…

Matthew A.: Fragile male egos! Coming from an SJW, that is one of the most formidable acts of projection I have ever witnessed.

A film like this could be quite interesting, but of course this is just going to be progressive nonsense.

Let’s see a world without men and find out whether the women left have any electricity, running water, machine repair, etc….

I agree that there wouldn’t be any war, principally because there wouldn’t be a large enough population to warrant it.

Some people! 😉

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