Properly Labeling War-Criminals

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following status update here, posted by Voluntaryist, Larken Rose, and originally shared it to my own wall, along with commentary…

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton

Larken Rose: Suppose it was discovered that a man had raped and murdered the woman living in the apartment next to his. Then a friend of the victim, when he heard what had happened, made a bunch of Molotov cocktails and grabbed an assault rifle, and charged into the apartment building, carelessly firing bullets through walls and throwing firebombs around. The result was that the murderer was killed, but half the building burned down, and between the fire and the bullets, five innocent people died, including two small children.

Would you praise the man, and say he was a brave hero, who “made the tough decisions” and got results? Or would you call him an irresponsible idiot, guilty of at least manslaughter, criminal endangerment and negligent homicide, if not outright murder? What if he did similar things, over and over again, targeting other “bad guys,” while consistently killing multiple innocents in the process? What if sometimes he didn’t even get the “bad guy,” while innocents were dying from his actions? What if sometimes he was targeting people when he didn’t actually have proof that they had done anything wrong? Would you view him as a savior and hero, or as a dangerous psycho? Would you hope that he was stopped before he got any more innocents killed?

What if he was the “President of the United States,” and was knowingly getting innocents killed via drone strikes he personally ordered, on a regular basis, based on unproven claims that “bad guys” were hiding in certain buildings?

If you speak of Obama with reverence and respect, you’re a duped idiot. The man is a mass murderer, just as Bush was, and Clinton, and the other Bush, and so on. If family members of his innocent victims wanted to kill the bastard, I wouldn’t blame them in the slightest. If they succeeded, that would be fine by me (even though he would just be replaced with a new sociopathic megalomaniac). I realize this is blasphemy to devout state-worshipers, who revere and adore the most despicable people on earth, but evil doesn’t become good just because you use different words to describe it. As Confucius said, people should “call things by their rightful names,” and the accurate description of the violent criminal living in the White House is not “leader of the free world.” It is “parasite, thief, murderer, tyrant, monster.”

My Commentary: Keep voting for sociopathic scum to ‘rule’ over humanity! It works so well! 😉

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