Statists Vitriolically State in Response to Public Celebration of Three-Year Anniversary of Liberation from American Slave-Grid Through Purchase of an RV

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “To Truly Own Your Home, Buy an RV“…

Inside view of my family's 38-foot motor-home

Inside view of my family’s 38-foot motor-home

Rayn: Wanting the freedom to ACTUALLY own our home, and to move as we please, my husband, [Genaire], and I purchased a 38 ft. 2001 Monaco Diplomat RV three years ago, today. 🙂 True liberty!

To understand what I mean, try not paying the “property tax” on your house, and you’ll soon find out who really owns it! Not too mention that most also spend a third of their life paying off a 30-year-loan, too!

Using a seven-year bank loan to buy a large used RV in full working order, with only 36,00 miles used on a diesel engine that’s still under warranty for 500,000 miles, as well as a 50 amp diesel generator, a 1500 watt 30 amp inverter, four deep-cycle house batteries, 100-gallon diesel tank, hydraulic leveling jacks, a propane/electric furnace, a propane/electric fridge, two 12,000 btu air conditioners, a 38-gallon propane tank, a 3-burner stovetop range, a convection oven, a booth dinette that seats 4, a 100-gallon water tank, a 10 gallon boiler, a 60-gallon grey tank, a 40-gallon septic tank, a shower with bathtub, a double kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, a queen-sized bed, a leather couch that pulls out to into a full-sized bed, leather power driver and passenger seats that rotate, a CD player with four ceiling speakers, front 32 inch widescreen LCD with DVD player, back 26 inch widescreen LCD, also with DVD player, CB radio, VCR, satellite TV antenna dome, solid wood-paneled cabinets, ceramic-tiled floors, a patio awning, a 15,000 lb. hitch, and multiple storage bays … is a little under $700 a month, with insurance under $100! That is less than most people pay for rent!

Want a change in scenery, weather, neighbors, community, temperatures, State laws, etc.? With an RV, simply drive to a new location, without hassle! No leases, no listings, no resales, no permission, no problem!

Anke M.: I love it, am jealous! But when a couple has children one needs to be in a location with good schools. And should pay taxes for the schools to exist as well as all the other services the government provides: refuse removal, roads, general infrastructure and law enforcement.

All well and good for you two to be Libertarians and have no kids. But when you move that fabulous RV you use roads I pay for, and where ever you live someone ultimately picks up your refuse, etc. you use sewer lines, etc.
So get real Rayn, it’s a great way to live, but not feasible for the majority of people , especially those with kids.

Brooke N.: Don’t you pay property tax on it when you get your tags?

Rayn: Ha! Statists Gonna State. Actually Anke, Genaire and I have been trying to have a child since September precisely because of our RV and his job! We had no plans for any children so long as we were renting and not owning our living space. Meanwhile, we have already decided that we would never subject any child of ours to the torturous, humiliating, nightmarish hazing ritual known as “public school,” instead of Homeschooling / Unschooling. I hated public school with a passion growing up, as it CONSTANTLY interfered with my education (just like Mark Twain said), as my desire to read, to study, and to absorb knowledge was always at odds with the State’s desire to brainwash me! I was often bored in class , and yet, reprimanded constantly for silently going ahead of the lesson plan, or reading books from the library (that I hid in my desk) while I was supposed to “double-check” my work literally twenty times in a row until the allotted lesson time was over. It was a robotic, worthless soul-crushing death sentence that I refused to cow-tow to until the day I graduated!

I was severely anxious in the artificial environment of public school, and became almost completely mute because of it. I felt constantly panicked about being called on by a teacher under duress (since I never raised my hand), and often, just put my head down on the desk when I was called upon, in order to offset the laughter of the other students at my inability to speak at an audible volume the few times I tried to answer out loud. I got nicknames like “mute” and “weirdo” because of these Autistic communication issues. I wouldn’t even use the bathroom until I got home because I was expected to raise my hand and ask for “permission” to do so. By the time I was in high school, some of the other students would actually inform new teachers that “she don’t speak” when I was called upon, in order to save the whole class from the long, drawn-out painfully embarrassing time that my lack of participation invoked. By then, I also had a whole table to myself, at lunch, because no one wanted to sit near the “crazy girl” – the “psycho.” Of course, not one single teacher in 13 years and 10 different public schools between upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and NYC did a SINGLE THING to legitimately address my communication issues simply because I got really high test scores – often in the upper 90th percentile.

I want my child to ACTUALLY LEARN real life and real skills, and in a nurturing environment the fosters his or her INTELLIGENCE, INDIVIDUALITY, INQUIRY and CRITICAL THINKING ABILITY! I’ll be damned if I send my offspring to an State indoctrination camp, where he or she will be taught conformity, worship of government authority, and revisionist lies to conceal the warring, genocidal nature of the State Beast System – all while being treated poorly by student “peers,” and being held back from intellectual endeavors! Standardized tests, common core, and even the very hours of school are affront to all things educational!

Since moving to North Carolina, we’ve met MANY individuals living in campers (units that must be towed, with no motor inside) that are practically half the size of our RV, with two and three children inside! The kids seem to love their living situations, appear very bright, and are very nature and animal oriented. I have had at least two children attempt to befriend me and Wolf-Poison, when I was simply walking him, by excitedly rattling off details about Siberian Huskies and dogs, in general. In my estimate, they have all appeared to be very sociable and very friendly youths.

And, Anke, we more than pay for !!!!MUH Roads!!!! every time we purchased diesel fuel while living in New Jersey, regardless of whether we used it for power in our RV, or to drive with, and every time we pay road tolls! So, NO, my friend! We’ve covered our own way, plus some, and you haven’t paid A SINGLE DIME for us! And, though we were unaware when we moved to North Carolina, we soon discovered that, along with the gas tax, we were to be charged a road use tax when a vehicle is first changed to NC (or, whenever the title is changed to a new owner), and a small vehicle property tax each year while tagging our vehicle. So, once again: NO, my friend! We’ve been covering our own way, ALL ALONG, and you haven’t paid A SINGLE DIME for us! Indirectly accusing Genaire and I of stealing from you and other tax-lovers really is ludicrous. RVing is about FREEDOM, not THEFT! And, in truth, Genaire has more taxes taken out of his paycheck than many even get paid, nowadays! The exact amount is jawdropping!

Genaire and I have watched my grandmother, who resides in northern NJ, live fearfully, under the extortion-like threat of having her $250,000 home auctioned off out from underneath her if she doesn’t pay the State thieves $10,000 a year on her meager social security benefit check. She barely gets by, because of her fixed income, while taxes just rise and rise, to go right into the pockets of corrupt, morally-bankrupt political parasites! Maybe to YOU, that’s “JUSTICE” and her “FAIR SHARE,” but to Genaire, myself, my Grandmother, and other family members of mine, it’s PURELY, MOB-LIKE CRIMINALITY!

Whenever boondocking off-the-grid, we generate our own electricity with our diesel generator, and our solar panels, so we don’t require such infrastructure services you mention, and hence, don’t pay for them. Also while off-the-grid, no matter that state, we pay 10 WHOLE DOLLARS approximately every two weeks to dump our septic tanks, at campgrounds or truck stops! OH, MY! And, included in this SUPER STEEP price has always been the use of the dumpsters to toss our trash. So, NOPE, again, my friend! We’ve been covering our own refuse and septic needs, all along – and NICE AND CHEAP, too! You haven’t paid A SINGLE DIME for us, in this case, either!

Finally: Fuck The Police. They are nothing more than armed gang of criminal mercenaries, operating under color of law, collecting/stealing revenue for the State, while murdering hundreds of citizens a year with impunity, beating others, and generally harassing many, including myself, with bogus “Stop and Frisks”, readily violating the rights of peaceful and innocent individuals to enjoy unmolested travel, with no qualms! I don’t want to pay for pigs, I don’t want to call pigs and, I don’t want pigs bothering me. I’d prefer to arm and defend myself against all criminals, including them, thank you very much!

Oh, for future reference, please refer to me as a libertarian, rather than a Libertarian. There is a big difference. The former (lowercase “l”) adheres to the doctrine of free-will, and the latter (capital “L”) is the third largest political party in the USA. While I have much respect for the Libertarian Party and promote it to Statists often, in the hopes of setting them on the path to freedom, I am actually a Voluntaryist, and believe in my Individual Sovereignty and the Non-Aggression Principle, and don’t believe voting – not even the one time I did do it in the 2000 election (as a democrat, amusingly enough)!

Sara: BOOM! And that’s how you shut the haters down Rayn! I’m proud of you!

RaynBrooke, in the states Genaire and I have lived most of our lives, tagging a vehicle is considered a “registration” fee, and is voluntary, unlike the compulsory annual property tax on a house demanded by the corrupt state. Because it is voluntary, not getting tags is not an automatic pretext to seize your vehicle, nor to sell it, if payment still isn’t made. And, one must choose to drive on public roads without tags to possibly have their vehicle towed (if they’re caught by police), and even then, the vehicle can be recovered without the need for tags. Registration is also hundreds of times lower in cost than residential property tax, as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re referring to this bizarre annual “vehicle property tax” or even this one-time “road use tax” that North Carolina charges – this is new to us. Seems like North Carolina would rather give all out-of-state drivers free passage through their roads, while charging the residents who actually live here a one-time “road use tax” for each time the title is switched to a new registering owner, or is first switched to NC. TALK ABOUT A FREE RIDE- LITERALLY, as well as as BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE! As it seems, there are no major tolls in this whole State – probably in the name of promoting tourism, free trade, etc.

Either way, as I just explained, registering a vehicle is actually a voluntary act, and no cars will be seized for failure to register and pay the tacked on “vehicle property tax” that comes with it, nor will residents be charged these fees without consent, and have their vehicle auctioned off for failure to pay. Individuals will be towed and ticketed for failure to tag, as I said, if they are choose to drive on public roads and are discovered, of course, but that’s a separate issue. Comparing annual residential taxes to annual vehicle taxes is not a good comparison, whatsoever. Rest assured, though, that the one hundred and change dollars we pay to North Carolina for each vehicle to mere peanuts compared to the property taxes I’m referring to in my original comment. Genaire and I see residential property taxes as a compulsory extortion racket to be avoided at all costs, plain and simple. Read my previous comment about the $10,000 my Grandmother, who resides in New Jersey, must pay in taxes, yearly, or her $250,000 house will be auctioned of for the amount of back taxes owed, only! It’s a criminal amount of taxes, and a criminal way of stealing homes from those on fixed incomes. And, do you really think those auctions start publicly, too? I highly doubt it! This is the way most of the states we’ve lived in, and grew up in, operate. New York, which is both Genaire and my state of birth, is just as bad as New Jersey, and the two of these states have some of the highest taxes in the country.

With all of this in mind, understand that we bought our RV in NJ, because we wanted a home, and had no intention of being robbed of it either later in life, or if unexpected employment woes or disability struck! I explained to you before that my parents lost the home we were paying for in New Jersey when I was younger, due to my father declaring disability for his Narcolepsy, and being screwed out of back money by the state, causing a loan default. With this, my family and I spent almost four years, when I was 12 years old to 15, being shifted around to various homeless shelters in NYC – eight in total, over the span of four of the five boroughs. Genaire and I chose to take in the lessons of our elders, and learn from them, without falling into the same traps. We also took the lessons from our own situations, too. We wanted to have a solid home that was mobile, minimalist-oriented, and reasonably-priced, so we could pay it off in less than ten years.

I might be having trouble distinguishing the tone of your question from Anke’s negative comment, but I can assure you the logic behind our choice to get an RV is completely sound, and comes from many bitter residential experiences Genaire and I have endured, along with those experienced by both of our families.

Allison H.: Wow. That’s impressive!

Rayn: Thanks, Allison! 🙂

Genaire: Since refuse seems to be your big point Anke. I would like to note that private companies are paid by campground fees to remove our trash.

Since we currently don’t have children I don’t see the need to currently pay for schools that we have no desire to have our future children attend. I will however pay out of pocket for my children to go to college.

Genaire: Even the issue of sewage are handled by private third party companies. Campgrounds distribute their sewage into septic tanks which are maintained/emptied by private companies.

Genaire: Highway use tax on a vehicle that hasn’t moved this year.. Laughable. I personally purchase just under 300 gallons of diesel a day along with paying a weekly highway use tax on my work vehicle. I more than pay for the roads.

Maya G.: You guys are LIVING – Thanks for the motivation!!

Rayn: Skillz! 🙂

Anke M.: Well kids, I did not mean to sound negative. And now I am extremely impressed and I dare say a teensy bit jealous! You have it all figured out!

Rayn, I’m sorry for all you went through!

Now I hope you guys will soon have a beautiful little person to share life with and to educate! I have no doubt that you will do exceedingly well!

Merry Christmas you two!

Julia S.: Hey Rayn! That’s a cool RV! We went down to Florida in an RV 2 years ago with Lina and our kids ( although that RV wasn’t as big). Also Lina and her hubby are thinking about getting one for travel and are shopping around. Hope all is well. J.

Rayn: Thanx, Julia! 🙂 What was the make, model and size of the RV? Did you all enjoy your time with it? Will Lina get a new or used unit? We went to Dylan’s RV Center, in Sewell, New Jersey, by the way. 🙂

Lina S.: This is my dream life, Rayn.

Polaryss S.: Yeeeessssss

Rayn: 🙂

Wendy P.: Wow.

Wendy P.: Society is messed up. We stick alot of kids as young as 5 in a class of almost 20 or more. We have them learn a bunch of rules, move in a group, learn a bunch of different topics for a short period of time, and moving on whether or not they get it or not. Then, if you homeschool, your child can be very intellectually inclined, but not in the “norm” and will be seen as weird.

Life is tough. People can be mean, insensitive, and some or most don’t see anything wrong with taking advantage of another because it is “surviving”. I would just go with a middle ground here.

Gregory C.: Congrats Rayn and Genaire – hard work, smart planning and hope brought you the future that you guys talked about 5 years ago. I hope someday to be as happy. I always hope to be your friend…be well

Ciji Y.: That is so cool!

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