The Injustice of Peace-Molesting Town and City “Ordinances”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Jordan K

Jordan K.: Parked my truck + horse trailer in front of my own house for a few minutes to use the bathroom before a trip up north to pick up hay. Had this on my truck immediately. I hate California government and the piece of shit neighbors that called me in. Montana here I come.

“City of Goleta. NOTICE: “This is a courtesy notification. This large vehicle is parked on a road that will prohibit LARGE VEHICLES PARKING ON CITY STREETS FROM 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Per City of Goleta Ordinance 12-01, it is a violatoin to park large vehicles that are over 25 feet, or 80 inches wide, or 82 inches in height. This violation does include vehicles that are in combination with trailers attached. Each day a large vehicle remains parked on a City street during the restricted hours constitutes a separate violation. Vehicles in violation of City Ordinance 10.01.410 may receive parking citations of $79.50 per violation. Enforcement will begin on 9-20-12. The City appreciates your cooperation and compliance. You are encouraged to visit the City of Goleta website for additional regarding additional permits, restrictions and exceptions,, or contact Greg Nordyke, Code Enforcement Officer (805) 961-7556.”

E’naaniibwit M.: We’re eventually going to see you on a episode of Edge of Alaska lol

Ryan P.: Wow… and to think that these people who called on you probably live on the land that YOUR family sold them… ungrateful bastards.

Daniel R.: Pieces of shit

Kris K.: Wow, that’s really stupid

Jordan K.: Next time I’m just going to pull the entire rig up on my front lawn.

Rayn: My husband and I were forced out of NJ with our RV because of these same exact sort of peace-molesting “ordinances.” No victim, no crime!

Jordan K.: I just called the contact name and number. Greg was confrontational with me at first. He said I wouldn’t be able to park my trailer on the street at all. Then later in the conversation he admitted he guessed my trailer was about 18′ long. I then asked him why, if it wasn’t over 25′, wouldn’t I be able to park it in the street. He then mentioned the widths and heights, which I assured him it wasn’t over. After that he admitted I would be allowed to park it in the street as long as I followed all the guidelines on this paper. Even if it was over 80″ I could still park the trailer on the street at all times between 4pm and 7:30am 🙂Sometimes telling somebody what they can’t do isn’t any better then having them find out what they CAN do. My neighbors are gonna get a whole lotta trailer love in the coming months.

Jordan K.: I asked him if I could pull it up on my front lawn… nope – can’t put anything on a non paved surface.

Jordan K.: So then I asked him if I could park it in the driveway disconnected next to my truck everything on pavement. I can do that. I can also park between the right hours like I mentioned before. Either way, these neighbors are asshats.

Nellie K.: So sorry that happened to you!

Jordan K.: It’s ok… I’m dealing with it. It’s just a bad feeling when you know one of your neighbors has it in for you.

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