Discussing the Fact that the Vast Majority of American Public Can’t Name the Three Branches of Government

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Vast Majority of American Public Can’t Name Three Branches of Government“…

The Constitution of the United States

RaynOnly 36 Percent of Americans Can Name the Three Branches of Government:

And, yet, here the ignorant majority stand – trying hard to convince me that I should blindly trust the government, just like their sorry asses do! Meanwhile, they haven’t even bothered to understand the American government’s “checks and balances,” which were put in place PRECISELY because the State cannot be trusted with authority! LOL!

Jason R.: This is very sad situation about the American people. More people want to know what’s going on in pop culture in mainstream society instead. Though, there’s also a major issue with the public school system in this country through High School as well.

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