DEA Fights Cannabis Decriminalization and Legalization in Because it Hurts their Mexican Drug Cartel Partners

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The Real Reason the DEA is Against Marijuana Legalization: It Hurts Their Mexican Drug Cartel Partners:

According to FBI statistics, over the past 20 years, almost half of all drug arrests in the US have been for marijuana. Mexican drug cartels control a major portion of the marijuana market in the US according to a report issued by the US Department of Justice in 2011.

There have been complaints from marijuana farmers in Mexico and the cartels that legalization of marijuana in the US has been injuring their business here.

This spring it was reported by the Washington Post that in the Sinaloa region farmers have quit planting marijuana as the wholesale price had dropped from $100 a kilo to around $25. A farmer in the region said, “It’s not worth it anymore. I wish Americans would stop with this legalization.”

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My Commentary: Indeed! And, this applies to MANY aspects of the government! Interestingly enough, just yesterday, when I shared an article about police in America operating gun-running schemes here on my FB wall, in my commentary, I concluded with the following paragraph…

“GOVERNMENT: shaping black markets, then cornering them under the ‘color of law,’ since inception!!!” The State “is a system instituted by criminals, and worshipped by fools!” It “is the grand illusion” established “to protect and maintain the authoritarian position of the morally-bankrupt parasite caste on top.” These sociopaths “use the ruse to call themselves our ‘rulers’ and ‘representatives’.”

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