Fixate on Idea of “Good Cops” Upon Watching a Video of Five Bad Cops in Action, or Face Up to the American Police State?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Hot-Headed Bully with Badge Violently Shoves Paraplegic Man and His Wheelchair to the Ground“…

Lieutenant Tom Davidson shoves paraplegic, Nicholas Kincade, and his wheelchair, to the ground, after the man accidentally rolls over his foot

Lieutenant Tom Davidson shoves paraplegic, Nicholas Kincade, and his wheelchair, to the ground, after the man accidentally rolls over his foot

Rayn: Dash Cam Shows Officer Pushing Over Man in Wheelchair:

When a cop violently shoves a paraplegic man he just ticketed to the ground, along with his wheelchair, and arrests him for “battery on a police officer,” all because the man accidentally ran over the swine’s cloven hoof with his mobility scooter upon leaving, you are living in a police state…

Did this hot-headed bully get his job in spite of his hair-trigger-temper, or because of it?

Thomas Pa.Cannot imagine any reason one would need to push anyone with this limited degree of mobility. If it were absolutely necessary one could just move the wheelchair and disconnect the power supply. There are good cops who do a great job, who really care about people and serving the community. It is a shame that butt heads out there like this giving them a bad name. I have met a couple. Usually the best ones who have served under fire in urban areas and seen some sh*t. Some of the small town fellows are full of authority and little else. “Mileage may vary”

Adam B.: Ya my brother was a Quad and in highschool they knocked at the door then handed my friend a bag of weed when he answered it saying “hold this for a second” and barged in with a team telling Jake to put his hands in the air when he couldn’t lift his arms! Gave him a hard time with a gun to his head.

Wendy P.: Terrible. I spoke to a friend about how insane it is that police can be corrupt and he said that most of his friends that were messed up and bullied in their youth grew up to become cops. If you’re not a cop to defend people then you’re a cop to be able to bully them. Makes sense, unfortunately. The system is rotten here and there. YIng and Yang…if you know what I mean.

RaynThe only reason I can imagine for this cop shoving this disabled man is that he is a cowardly bully and a criminal, Thomas… But, why do you say “butt heads like this,” though? Don’t your mean “like these”? Are you denying the complicity and guilt of the four other cops who helped apprehend the paraplegic man after he was violently assaulted by their buddy? If that’s as far as your ability to identify the “bad cops” extends, then what does that really say about ability to identify “good cops”?

Either way, what value do “good cops” have in a system of top-down corruption and abuse, with a judicial branch that dutifully shields the criminal elements within from all responsibility, accountability, and repercussions, whenever possible? Why not ask Serpico about his experiences as a “good cop” in NYC?

But, speaking of uselessly ineffectual individuals who defend criminal cops, rather than stopping them (like the four other cops in the video)… what of the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission – made up of five local citizens – who determined that the officer who assaulted the man in the wheelchair shouldn’t be fired? And, what of the Tippecanoe County DA, who decided not to press charges against the costumed coward for his crime? That’s a whole lot of Individuals who are just as guilty and morally bankrupt as the swine they “shield” from justice!

Oh, and by the way, your claims about city cops versus small town cops are purely meaningless here, since the incident in this video took place in the *city* of Lafayette, Indiana. But, alas… these are the sorts of desperately irrelevant and completely unqualified statements that I have come to expect from “law enforcement” apologists. They are so faithful to the authority of the State, that even upon watching a crystal-clear video of a cop shoving a paraplegic man and his wheelchair to the ground for accidentally rolling over his foot, then arresting him for “battery on a police officer,” with the help of four other officers on the scene… rather than being inspired to engage in an open and honest discussion about the evidence of systemic corruption they are directly witnessing, they gloss over such inconveniences, and instead, attempt to use the footage as a shameless opportunity to plug and promote the *idea* of “good cops” who “really care about people.” But, in reality, there was not a single “good cop” to be found in the video I posted, so any mention of such comes off, once again, as a desperately irrelevant distraction! It seems more like a clever way to reduce the cognitive dissonance that comes from witnessing beloved agents of the State operating like the very criminals that they were sworn to protect the population against!

Wendy P.: That’s why i fear even the good cops, because good and bad are probably intertwined. Do you know how much they pay police officers? I think less than 30K. That’s BS money for what they are required to do. Dealing with the public can get overwhelming and they are paid little to top it off. They might as well be robots, people on that salary range are probably not highly educated and stressed out. But who will police, Rayn? Who can be allowed to jump in to save a life when needed? What about the use of guns? Criminals will carry guns.

Genaire: The pigs I mean police in NJ make over 60k a year.

Wendy P.: What?!?! dream come true for a bully cop. at that rate i would be outragedif i saw unjust behavior from them.

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