Sorry Media, but Toilet Seat Liners Are NOT Pointless!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Public toilet, with seat liner

Public toilet, with seat liner

Janelle F.: Why Using Toilet Seat Liners is Basically Pointless:

I don’t care. I still use them. 4 at a time!

Cyrus Y.: “That’s because toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents — you won’t catch anything.”

Hello, cooties?! Especially another guy’s ass/splashie cooties.

Michelle S.: I’m with you on this one Janelle, I don’t care either! But what I really hate is that there are no toilet seat lids on the public restroom. That “stuff” in the toilet then just gets put into a fine spray that covers everything in the stall when one flushes.

Rayn: This article is misleading, since one can most definitely catch ringworm from direct skin contact with a public toilet seat.

Ringworm Fungal Infections – Skin Fungus:

Those who are actually willing to sit on a public toilet should at least create a thick barrier between their skin and the seat, for safety.

Janelle F.: I don’t need to read that to know what kind of crap (no pun intended) is found on toilet seats. Especially with the animals I’m around every day

Stefanee R.: I will continue to use multiple layers !

Katherine H.: I always use the covers too. I’ll line the seat with toilet paper if there are no covers. I also can’t stand women who hover over the seat and don’t wipe up their mess. Seriously? If you’re not gonna use the seat, then lift it and squat over the bowl. Don’t leave a pee-splattered seat for someone else to deal with. Disgusting.

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