Discussing the Coprophagy of Modern Serfdom

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “The Coprophagy of Modern Serfdom“…

Rayn: The Coprophagy of Modern Serfdom…

“Corporations. Politicians. Media. Citizens.”

“Corporations. Politicians. Media. Citizens.”

Jonas A.: hahaha…more s—t from this…time to throw that s—t back to the 1st line….lol

Rayn: Interestingly enough, what we are technically seeing in this picture are three forms of soulless corporation and just one actual human being… It’s pretty sad that we have placed ourselves as lesser than non-corporeal entities in the chain of existence… We should know by now that the undead are incapable of protecting life! Personally, I carry no such illusions! I’ve been watching the Zombie Apocalypse unfold for decades!

Rebekah P.: this is disgustingly wonderful

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