Terroristic British Government Artificially Created Irish Potato Famine

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The British Government Has Always Been a Terrorist State

The British Government Has Always Been a Terrorist State

The British Empire – A Lesson In State Terrorism:

(Joe Quinn) For most people in Western nations today, terrorism has become synonymous with large scale spectacular acts of violence by small groups against a civilian population and, within the last 15 years, primarily in the name of one religion in particular – Islam. Historically speaking (and I mean up until the present day) there is no justification for this perception, and it can only have come about through a massive and prolonged public propaganda offensive on the part of those with a vested interest in creating and perpetuating it.

The historical record shows quite clearly that states, or those acting on behalf of the state, have been responsible for the vast majority of large-scale terrorist acts against civilians. If we pause to think about it for a moment, it seems natural that this would be the case. The ruling class in any nation, be it a monarchy, democracy or dictatorship, are naturally in opposition to the people over whom they rule because the ruling class enjoy privileges that the people do not. Indeed, the ruling class only enjoy these privileges because of this manufactured divide, that is to say, the ‘haves’ have because the ‘have nots’ ‘have not’.

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My Commentary: Starvation as warfare…

“I have often said, and written, it is Famine which must consume [the Irish]; our swords and other endeavours work not that speedy effect which is expected, for their overthrow.” – Lord Deputy of Ireland Sir Arthur Chichester to Lord Burghley, Queen Elizabeth’s chief adviser, dated 1601

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